Montage of people from all over the world holding "Empower with Art" creations

What is “Empower With Art”?
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First of all, What is Art?

our activities such as when we create

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And to Empower or Empowerment is: – 

Empowerment is developing the skills for self-sufficiency and mastering the art of living

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So to Empower with Art is

Using our artistic expressions – our creative skill and imagination in whatever activities we serve in, to be self-sufficient or self-reliant. To use our skills to provide for ourselves in imaginative ways possible.

How To Be Empowered?

How To Be Empowered? How can we assist you to further transform your well-being, developing additional skills for greater self-sufficiency?

Developed skills in your life that profoundly and positively impact your community and our world!

We provide empowering strategies – articles, videos, music, talks, books, – resources for creativity, personal empowerment, and for inspiring a collective global conscience.


  • allow, entitle, encourage; equip, endow, enable, supply, give qualities or abilities to;
    render capable or able for some task;
  • to promote the self-actualization or influence by inspiring;
  • emancipate, give means to, enfranchise, empowering by means of education;
  • Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, social, educational, and economic strength of individuals and communities.

Empowerment also includes encouraging and developing the skills for self-sufficiency. The process is to start and to implement as you go along, then it becomes effective.

Self-sufficiency is becoming, being able, or depending on oneself, instead of being on charity, or welfare. Self-confidence grows because one becomes fully self-supporting. The opportunities created by oneself garners a pride of accomplishment since one can develop for oneself.

Our goal is to assist with one’s own welfare to create self-dependence. We will target strategies that cause changes, which can profoundly, directly, and positively impact communities. One can then take responsibility and credit for the success of projects and the consequences.

This shows the impact we can have on the overall spiritual, social and economic benefits of a community, nation, and on a global scale.
We already have this innate or God-given power to create within ourselves. It is just to engage and develop our abilities and skills serving others in our communities.

It encourages us to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow us to overcome obstacles in life and make them stepping stones, and help us develop character.
Empowerment occurs through the improvement of our conditions and our global perspective of life.

Serving Communities

As an artist I use “Empower with Art” to serve communities, empowering others to be self-sufficient. Wherever my travels take me, I look for meaningful ways to empower others with my art.

Creation of my Art

Empower With Art” is creations I have developed digitally from the photographs I have taken in these communities to share with others. Empowering messages are shared with Sacred and Inspirational texts like Bible verses. I also produce art digitally from my computer as a fractal artist with my own unique style. I am totally self-taught.

These art creations support the work I do with others. More importantly, is the empowerment and inspiration it brings to people’s lives.

“Empower with Art” – The Story

My name is Kazim Abasali and this is the story of “Empower with Art” and how I was given the name “The Empowering ARTist”.

photo of Kazim Abasali in his hometown of Arima, Trinidad

I was born in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean. And after basic high-school education, I studied electronic engineering technology.

photo of Kazim Abasali in New York, USA

In 1990, I moved to Brooklyn, New York, where I followed up my studies in the world of computers and electronic music technology.

photo of Kazim Abasali in Phoenix, Arizona

Then in 1995, I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, furthering my love for computers and music. It was then that I was inspired by digital art and became immediately transformed by its beauty and developed my own style. The form of digital art is abstract, more precisely – fractal art. Being entirely self-taught, I sincerely try to share my passion for art so others too can feel uplifted.

In my life’s work, I strive to make my art creations the inspiration for your life to be – The Masterpiece.

Initially, I concentrated primarily on abstract, digital art, creating with vivid, bright colors, to evoke great joy.

When you discover your dreams

Now I focus also on nature and the beauty all around us to show the wonder of creation and to build hope and faith.

Let the whole world glorify the Lord. Let it sing His praise. Isaiah 42:12

For most of my life, I have been doing social and community work supporting others.

Photo of Kazim Abasali Dad and Mom

This tendency and love for fellow humans, family, friends, and pets, have been instilled and impressed upon me in my growing years by my loving parents, family, neighbors, and community ‘uncles and aunts’.

Photo of Kazim Abasali with Arima Community Catholic Charismatic Minister "Auntie Babsie"

So after I started creating art, I began using empowering and inspiring words in 2007, with my art, to encourage others, (as I too was encouraged growing up). I then launched “Empower with Art” in 2009. I chose “Empower with Art” as a form of compassionate art.

"Empower with Art" logo

It was then a fellow artist – Tetka Rhu, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, who referred to me as “The Empowering ARTist”. So I decided to use the identity as a way to continue how and what I was raised up to do – and love – encouraging and supporting others.

Photo of Tetka Rhu

“Empower with Art” – A Life of Service

With decades of wide-ranging experience now in social service programs – I have given support, encouraged and empowered others working extensively with different organizations in a volunteer capacity.

In my home town of Arima, local organizations included St. Vincent de Paul Society and Lions International. Projects included seeing after the elderly with home repairs, researching and finding jobs for the displaced, organizing small businesses, meals-on-meals, food bank operations, and provided job training and support services to empower those in need.

Photo of Kazim Abasali with Reverend Richard Maraj and another friend at Unity Church in Phoenix Arizona.

From 1995 to 2000, I served the community of Phoenix, Arizona through my church affiliation with Unity of Phoenix.

Photo of Kazim Abasali with friend George Roundy in Phoenix Arizona

In 2002, with my friend George Roundy, to address the issue of world hunger together with a core team of ten individuals, we helped raise close to $100,000 US for The Hunger Project – an organization that empowers inhabitants in different countries of the world to be self-reliant.

Photo of three earth globes together

“Empower with Art” continues to serve other communities, empowering others to be self-sufficient, supporting social entrepreneurship and sustainable happiness.

As we renew our commitment to our environment by the use of alternative energies and environmentally friendly living, we ensure a safe heritage for our coming generation.

We continue to make a difference in the lives of fellow humans in our community and improve our capacity to serve additional communities, as we move forward together as a society.

Photo of Kazim Abasali and "Empower with Art" logo

This “Empower with Art” work –  gratitude to my dear family, friends, well-wishers, and patrons for the encouragement and support.  It is dedicated to you ….Kazim

photo of Kazim Abasali with three family members when he had a stroke and was in hospital in Brooklyn, New York, USA

For despite experiencing a stroke on 10th June 2012, I have managed (with the Grace of God, prayers, diet and exercise regimen, medication, and therapy) somehow remaining active, continuing with our social initiatives and producing art, books, documentary photograph & videos, music, websites, blogs, Facebook Groups, doing freelance community journalism. “And Sharing Awareness of our Universal Eco-civilization Consciousness, for We are United Together by the Life Force of Our Earth Home We All Depend On for Sustainability”.

Photo of Kazim Abasali with his camera in Long Island, New York, USA

“Empower with Art” Influencing Society

How Does “Empower with Art” Influence Society?

With our “Empower with Art” creations, it is perceived as helping our communities. They recognize it is a good cause. For we are investing in our own future and our children’s future.

Like a statement of purpose, being part of a universal cause for transformation for our planet.

Photo of Connie Kadansky holding up a big "Empower with Art" creation in Phoenix Arizona

“Empower with Art” has come to symbolize a way of expressing oneself and looking at the world. And having a special place in the hearts of a universal group of people.

Montage of people from all over the world holding "Empower with Art" creations

“Empower with Art” Is Making An Important Contribution

What we are involved in is a sense of belonging, being part of something bigger. We are making an important contribution. Announcing our commitment and support: Our shared vision and dream, and working together to promote our values and ideals in whatever ways we can.

From a call to action to a rallying cry, signing on and declaring our affiliation with a movement that is seeking the betterment of our world.

Four friends holding a very big "Empower with Art" Creation

Feeling a sense of pride and making a difference in our communities, thousands working tirelessly and anonymously for the common good, groundswell of support and enthusiasm, purposeful. Symbols of hope and courage, passion that seems to go beyond. A universal group of people, embracing, embodying and serving, taking inspired action everyday.

Four friends holding "Empower with Art" Creations

Dedicated to, and focused on helping one another succeed, by being supportive, encouraging growth, and developing spiritually and mentally. Contributing to being a blessing in other peoples’ lives. Continue fostering peaceful and loving communities – living in harmony.

Friend Anki holding up "Empower with Art" Creation

“Empower with Art” Humanitarian Principles and Practices

HumanitarianConcerned with, a desire, or seeking to Promote the Welfare of Others.
Compassionate, Humane; Selfless, Altruistic, Generous, Magnanimous, Benevolent, Merciful, Kind, Sympathetic, Charitable, Public-Spirited, Socially Concerned, Philanthropic.

PhilanthropyThe Desire to Promote the Welfare of Others.
Humanitarianism, Benevolence, Generosity, Public-Spiritedness, Altruism, Social Conscience, Charitableness, Brotherly Love, Magnanimity, Bountifulness, Kindheartedness, Compassion.

We are promoting personal and community empowerment, for with personal empowerment – one is in control of your one’s own destiny. And empowering community is to collectively support the group as a whole to accomplish goals. Respond positively – lift any situation up. Uplifting the human spirit, finding sustainable happiness. Our dharma, it is fulfilling and rewarding following our purpose or path in life.

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

The greatest loving gift we can impart to another is to empower the human mind to be free.
What is freedom?
Empowering means instead of giving a man a fish, teach him to fish.
And in so doing, one now has the knowledge and means to create for self-sufficiency.
With this prosperity comes freedom to enjoy life – to live abundantly and to share with others. The empowerment of the human soul.

The gratification of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application. Miguel de Cervantes

And the more we have, the more we can share with others. We can do so much good with what we have. For instance, the more prosperity we enjoy, we can afford to be more generous; be it a person, a family, a group, a business, a corporation, a country, a nation, or a worldwide worthy cause. We can enrich other people’s lives with our blessings.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be healthy, even as your soul prospers. 3 John 2:2

We all want to live in a state of peace wherever we are all over the world, the freedom to follow our vision for our lives. To build something meaningful and lasting. And by so doing, others get a glimpse of our passion for living, and will be so too inspired and empowered. Vision for economic self-empowerment of people all over, identifying with the struggles of the ordinary man, a true sense of self and community. Being the voice of the voiceless.

The sharing of my art is my gift

We use these ideas, talents, skills, and our gifts to create. So we are all creative artists. We inspire and empower others with our artistic abilities as empowering creative artists.
By doing immeasurable good for our world, we are transforming humanity, with the highest good for all concerned. Transcending (languages), cultures and borders. A helping hand to others, extending joy, giving back to the communities.

One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own. John O'Donohue

We just don’t swim to the other side of the river for ourselves. We do it so we can help bring others across with us. This is finding ways we can use our resources to help others empower themselves. Empowerment can inject a sense of purpose into lives. For empowerment is the fulfillment of one’s own goals. Let us be more sympathetic to the needs and struggles of people around us. That represents resolving our human conditions here on earth in a more peaceful, loving way. By empowering people, we are creating a more caring community with which to live in harmony.

“Empower with Art” – A Giving Model

We pattern our “Empower with Art” business on a giving model. We emulate others commitment to giving. We promote that giving is the key to life, by promoting the idea that giving love, compassion, support to individuals and communities through empowerment with love, is the foundation of “Empower with Art”’s policy.

We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results

We do not have to be materially rich to make a commitment to giving in your own life. We can give from what we already have been blessed with: our time, resources, tools, love, prayers, well wishes, inspiration, and empowerment. Even if it a smile, a compliment, a hug, some encouragement.
All these things have tremendous value when we share them with others every day. Our thoughts, words, and deeds create our more loving world.

Montage of people from all over the world holding "Empower with Art" creations

We serve through our “Empower with Art” venture and social initiatives: By empowering others, we are creating a more caring community in which to live. Whether through organizations, or through our personal initiatives, we use our resources to make positive changes in peoples lives. By being a blessing, we contribute to the process and help it grow.
No social program greater than love.

The success of our “Empower with Art” is measured by how much service we are able to provide.
We give the gift of empowerment. We inject our passion (what we feel in our hearts) into “Empower with Art”. It is our lifelong commitment to others. We give things of lasting value. “Empower with Art” creations are given as thoughtful gifts to others. Art to enhance our lives, that is beneficial and enriching. Acting as a foundation, we contribute to educating others and artistic development.

When we plant good seeds with our actions, it becomes our blessings, by giving us a good, bountiful harvest in return.

Others see me for who I really am through my art

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