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Empower With Art Ebooks

“Empower with Art” Ebooks

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Empowering The Artist in You

Empowering The Artist in You We are all Artists. Being part of Creation, bringing Art to Life with all our Activities.
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Filling My World with Peace and Love You are invited to share in this soul’s journey of self-discovery, fulfillment, and a metaphorical gift for living.
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CREATIONS-OF-ART Am I a Creative Genius? Creating Works-of-Art? Masterpieces? Inside this book, Reveals qualities within each of us, Setting us on course, Creating freely – with love, Our very own Works-of-Art!
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The Scrolls of Mazik This is the story of Mazik. He lived some time ago. Here is a brief record of his life.
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Making A Difference Those who make a difference in other people’s lives, uplift and are a source of inspiration. They show love, have compassion, and are an absolute blessing. They make this world a better place with their loving hearts.

You can download “Empower with Art” Ebooks for FREE Here
Empowering The Artist in You
Filling My World with Peace and Love
Creations of Art
The Scrolls of Mazik
Making A Difference

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“Empower with Art” Ebooks

Our Renewed “Empower with Art” Website

We have reorganized our “Empower with Art” Website. And have consolidated our presence. We no longer have separate sites for “The Empowering Artist”, “Bless One Another”, “Earth – Our Green Arts District Home”, “Modern and Contemporary Art and Artists”, and “Compassionate All-Humans-Are-Artists Movement”.

So thank you for sharing in our “Empower with Art” Artist Movement. We keep updating as we have turned the page in our new chapter of our journey with you.
Kazim Abasali – The Empowering Artist

Dr. Nigel Noriega – Biologist

In 2012 Nigel was the Founder and served as a Director of Sustainable Innovation Initiatives Inc. A 501(c) (3), a non-profit organisation.

In 2016, he became the Chief Financial Officer for the Latin American and Caribbean Section of the Society for Conservation Biology.

At present, Nigel is the Co-Principal Investigator for “Monitoring Ocelots in Trinidad.” And Nigel still serves as the Director of Sustainable Innovation Initiatives Inc.

Among his significant work-related Achievements are:
-First characterisations of the effects of the herbicide Atrazine on amphibian development.
-First characterisations of reproductive effects of in utero exposure to imidazole fungicides.

Over his professional career, Nigel has received a number of honours which include:
-2010 2009 Toxicological Sciences Best Paper Award from the Society of Toxicology Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section.
-2004 Best Poster Presentation. Gordon Research Conference on Environmental
Endocrine Disruptors.
-2004 EPA Special Accomplishment Recognition Award.
-2003 NHEERL Achievement Award.
-1994 University of Florida Undergraduate Research Achievement Award.
-1994 Marlin Perkins Scholarship.
-1993 Golden Key National Honour Society.
-1992 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.
-1990 National Achievement Scholarship.

In addition Nigel has many published works, has taken part in many Forums, given numerous Talks, and has been in the Media.

He also teaches, trains and gives back to society by doing Mentorship and Community Outreach.


For more information about the work of Dr. Nigel Noriega, please visit his website:

And his Facebook page: