The Most Inspirational Women Quotes

Inspirational Women Quotes Inspirational women quotes inspire and empower us. From these quotes of inspirational women, you may find your favorite that will motivate you, just as they do for others. Inspirational women quotes are inspirational and empowering, because these quotes raise the spirits, buoy us up, give us a boost, lift our spirits. We …

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Inspirational Women In History

The Extraordinary Lives of Inspirational Women In History When we read about inspirational women in history, we too become quite inspired and empowered. These inspirational women lived extraordinary lives by their sheer dedication to reach goals, that to them, help elevate the human spirit. They excelled in the fields of their choosing. They charted new …

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Youth at risk

Youth At Risk

Youth At Risk At risk youths are young people who are beset by some danger of sorts. So the onus of our society is to help steer them in the right direction. It may mean a change of environment, or having ‘angels’ in our family, group or community to counsel them in effective, nurturing ways. …

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Giving Thanks to God for Everything Thanking God for Everything

Giving Thanks To God For Everything

Giving Thanks To God For Everything Thanking God for everything is empowering. An attitude of gratitude keeps one grounded in a very positive way. One is in the thought pattern and state of having, not lacking. One mindset is being filled with the spirit of abundance of everything in one’s life. So giving thanks to …

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Empowerment of Youths. Author: Kazim Abasali

Empowerment of Youths

Empowerment of Youths Empowerment of youths is necessary for our youths are the ones to take over and carry on after this present older generation. So it is incumbent upon us older ones to train them well to manage affairs and meet challenges in positive ways of overcoming. It is part of life to face …

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