Earth – Our Green Arts District Home Facebook Page Launched

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Hello, sharing others concern and interest, and as an individual and artist I am combining ‘Art‘ and ‘Culture‘ (for culture is the art of living – the way we live);
with Sustainability for our planet (our earth’s bio-systems);
and Sustainability for ourselves and each other (our human support systems).

As we all do our part in whatever ways we can, making a difference working for the common good, to somehow leave the world a better place than we found it.

Having developed “Earth – Our Green Arts District Home” to use as Our Vision “Our world of pristine beauty of nature”, and Our Mission – “Co-creating together in harmony with the pristine beauty of nature”, “we can do small things with great love.” as Mother Theresa said.

Your support by just joining with us and adding your voice makes an impact, it counts, for every little bit helps in the grand scheme of things.

Together we are networking with communities, through local grassroots actions of self-sufficiency, social entrepreneurship, renewable energies, and environmentally-friendly living.

I sincerely appreciate your involvement by liking our page, and another way to participate is by inviting friends to support us as well. Thank you very much……Kazim

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