“Empower with Art” – The Story

“Empower with Art” – The Story

My name is Kazim Abasali and this is the story of “Empower with Art” and how I was given the name “The Empowering ARTist”.

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I was born in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean. And after basic high-school education, I studied electronic engineering technology.

Kazim Abasali photo in New York In 1990, I moved to Brooklyn, New York, where I followed up my studies in the world of computers and electronic music technology.

Kazim Abasali photo in Phoenix, Arizona Then in 1995 I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, furthering my love for computers and music. It was then that I was inspired by digital art and became immediately transformed by its beauty and developed my own style. The form of digital art is abstract, more precisely – fractal art. Being entirely self-taught, I sincerely try to share my passion of art so others too can feel uplifted.

In my life’s work, I strive to make my art creations the inspiration for your life to be – The Masterpiece.

Initially I concentrated primarily on abstract, digital art, creating with vivid, bright colors, to evoke great joy.


Now I focus also on the nature and the beauty all around us to show the wonder of creation and to build hope and faith.


For most of my life I have been doing social and community work supporting others.

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This tendency and love for fellow humans, family, friends, and pets, have been instilled and impressed upon me in my growing years by my loving parents, family, neighbors, and community ‘uncles and aunts’.

Aunty Babsie and Kazim Abasali photo

So after I started creating art, I began using empowering and inspiring words in 2007, with my art, to encourage others, (as I too was encouraged growing up). I then launched “Empower with Art” in 2009. I chose “Empower with Art” as a form of compassionate art.

It was then a fellow artist – Tetka Rhu, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, referred to me as “The Empowering ARTist”. So I decided to use the identity as a way to continue how and what I was raised up to do – and love – encouraging and supporting others.

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Living a life serving others