“Empower with Art” – A Giving Model

We pattern our “Empower with Art” business on a giving model. We emulate others commitment to giving. We promote that giving is the key to life, by promoting the idea that giving love, compassion, support to individuals and communities through empowerment with love, is the foundation of “Empower with Art”’s policy.

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We do not have to be materially rich to make a commitment to giving in your own life. We can give from what we already have been blessed with: our time, resources, tools, love, prayers, well wishes, inspiration, and empowerment. Even if it a smile, a compliment, a hug, some encouragement.
All these things have tremendous value when we share them with others every day. Our thoughts, words, and deeds create our more loving world.

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We serve through our “Empower with Art” venture and social initiatives: By empowering others, we are creating a more caring community in which to live. Whether through organizations, or through our personal initiatives, we use our resources to make positive changes in peoples lives. By being a blessing, we contribute to the process and help it grow.
No social program greater than love.

The success of our “Empower with Art” is measured by how much service we are able to provide.
We give the gift of empowerment. We inject our passion (what we feel in our hearts) into “Empower with Art”. It is our lifelong commitment to others. We give things of lasting value. “Empower with Art” creations are given as thoughtful gifts to others. Art to enhance our lives, that is beneficial and enriching. Acting as a foundation, we contribute to educating others and artistic development.

When we plant good seeds with our actions, it becomes our blessings, by giving us a good, bountiful harvest in return.

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