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Empowering the artist in you ebook cover

Empowering The Artist in You We are all Artists. Being part of Creation, bringing Art to Life with all our Activities.

Filling my world with peace and love ebook cover

  Filling My World with Peace and Love You are invited to share in this soul’s journey of self-discovery, fulfillment, and a metaphorical gift for living.

Creations of art ebook cover

CREATIONS-OF-ART Am I a Creative Genius? Creating Works-of-Art? Masterpieces? Inside this book, Reveals qualities within each of us, Setting us on course, Creating freely – with love, Our very own Works-of-Art!

The scrolls of Mazik and how he lived a blessed life ebook cover

The Scrolls of Mazik This is the story of Mazik. He lived some time ago. Here is a brief record of his life.

Making a difference ebook cover

Making A Difference Those who make a difference in other people’s lives, uplift and are a source of inspiration. They show love, have compassion, and are an absolute blessing. They make this world a better place with their loving hearts.

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