Empowerment of Youths

Empowerment of Youths

Empowerment of Youths. Author: Kazim Abasali

The empowerment of youths is necessary for our youths are the ones to take over and carry on after this present older generation. So it is incumbent upon us older ones to train them well to manage affairs and meet challenges in positive ways of overcoming. It is part of life to face obstacles. And the way we do is a lesson in itself.

Youths must rise up to every adversity and conquer. The mindset of a conquering youth reminds us all of growing up when we imagined ourselves as superheroes. And the time comes along when youths have to do the superheroes’ saving humanity stuff like their gaming apps.

What would life like be without some adventure. We do not want to barely enjoy life. Who wants to save the world? Well, our youths already have that mindset within. Think of us older ones at their age and how we felt invincible. So our youths are more than equal to the task. If there is any fear it is within older ones, not our brave youths who are already equipped in their minds and hearts from thousands of hours of training playing online games and apps. The same training that our pilots and others simulate in their professional training.

So let the games begin. And let our youths show the way. We will be surprised. We have already prepared them well.

Importance of Youth Empowerment

The Importance of Empowering of Youths. Author: Kazim Abasali

Youth Empowerment is extremely important. They help the older generation with living. Imagine a world without children and grandchildren. Image parents and grandparents without the youths in their lives to assist them as they grow older and cannot manage as they used to when they were young. So, it is a well-needed asset to have youths care for older folks as the youths were cared for growing up.

So it is very important youths develop a proper sense of values and embody proper virtues of self-worth or self-esteem, for they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Practicing virtues in order to cultivate a behavior of high moral standards in goodness, kindness, integrity, honesty, respectability, worthiness, trustworthiness, ethics, patience, humility, and purpose.

And in values: be useful, supportive, helpful, give assistance to, show appreciation and gratitude, benefit others by being of service to others. All in all, hold dear, treasure, and follow their wise elders’ teachings and rules of conduct, for society’s values are passed on to children and youths – this is youth empowerment.

In return, elders must set a good example, be role models, value our youths’ contributions, nurture them, empower them, be sure to compliment their efforts even if they fail trying. Give them encouragement, ready them for the task of life ahead. Give them every opportunity possible so they can find their true calling or vocation in life by exposing them to worthwhile pursuits. Then the older ones can rest assured they have done their part of fulfilling their parental obligations. The youths now will have learned to equip themselves with tools to help steer them in their journey of life and will be happy for the proper coaching they have received from their elders. They will show their gratitude by being good sports and high achievers.

Types and Examples of Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment Ideas. Author: Kazim Abasali

What are the types of youth empowerment? Well, let us look around a bit. We sure will not have to look far. They are the ones who have nurtured us growing up: parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, coaches, neighbors, uncles, aunts, older family members, big brothers, big sisters, ministers or spiritual teachers, role models, groups, organizations, and community.

What are the teachings of these people and organizations? It is the education or teachings we receive as youths. Virtue, the golden rule, morality, humility, responsibility, dependability, proper training, a positive mindset, a skill-set, a set of standards to live by, good habits, self-empowerment, or self-reliance. Developing a profession by way of self-education or institutional learning through the schooling of higher learning. Able to care for oneself and others. To provide for oneself, becoming financially informed. Taking part in community projects for the betterment of humanity.

Empowering Youth for Positive Change

Empowering Youths for Positive Change. Author: Kazim Abasali

Empowering Youth for Positive Change is all about a positive mindset. A positive mindset secures or creates for one a life of positive expectations or outcomes. And with young minds, the earlier the training of the proper mindset, the better a life for our youths.

With a positive mindset, youths with their boundless energy can assail the heights, set high achievable goals, and reach them. Starting with small goals and achieving them, followed by bigger goals. Or making bigger goals into a set of smaller achievable goals or steps. This is the way of achieving one’s dreams and desires, by setting goals into a step-by-step plan of the daily action steps.

So training our youths with a positive mindset is the beginning of facing any challenge. Challenges of providing for our future on an individual and societal basis. Having such a positive frame of mine, youths will ensure themselves a bright future. And equipping them with these tools for life, will in turn empower others like themselves and even those younger as they grow and develop.

Empowering Youth for Sustainable Development

Spring planting Krokvägen and Toppstigen, Nynäshamn, Sweden photo

There are many youth organizations that focus on the sustainability of our planet and the self-sustainability of the individual. For that is what empowerment is all about – becoming self-reliant, whether it is an individual, a family, a group, community, or a people.

And proper sustainability requires the wise use of our resources, time, and energy. The adage – use, reuse, recycle, by making sure to only use what we absolutely need, with minimal or no wastage. And to use our ingenuity and be innovative in exploiting our ‘waste’. We are talking about saving our planet. And that entails being resolute in a mindset of developing very good habits to ensure we as a species and other species survive, as well as the coming generations. So we must employ regulations for living in harmony with nature.

So young minds must be taught at the earliest opportunity to care for our planet. Then as adults, their mindset and habits will serve them well.

Youth Empowerment Quotes

Naomi Klein at Berkeley (California), on 29 September 2014 Attribution: Moizsyed
Naomi Klein at Berkeley (California), on 29 September 2014
Attribution: Moizsyed

“When Nike says, just do it, that’s a message of empowerment. Why aren’t the rest of us speaking to young people in a voice of inspiration?” Naomi Klein

“I want our young people to know that they matter, that they belong. So don’t be afraid—you hear me, young people? Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. Lead by example with hope, never fear.” Michelle Obama

“Making the future and the road to the future wealth lies in the youth of the present and future, and rebuilding the nation’s institutions based on knowledgeable scientific foundations that require promising human capacities derived from college graduates. Universities are the makers of men, we are proud of their role and of the efforts of their administrators.” Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

Empowering Youth Quotes

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933

“We can’t always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

“It is important to teach our young about who they are and how culture can empower them to help the greater community. It is very difficult, especially in the age of technology to curb what mass-media and marketing try to tell us who we are, and even more difficult when those closest to you act uninterested. It is an uphill climb, sometimes alone, to find the truth.” Lorin Morgan-Richards

“The youth are our future, and to change anything in our world going forward we must start with this generation of youth, as they’re the new agents of change…In peace building and promoting human rights, the youth are no longer a silent majority, but now they should be an active stakeholder…Youth are bringing to the table great contributions to the peace and state building and are shaping the future to be more peaceful, equal, and prosperous for all.” Tawakkol Karman

“My programme, The Art of Creative Expression, empowers young people with tools to express themselves. We teach photography, art and drama, but it’s not just the medium that’s important, it’s about what you are trying to say.” Dawud Wharnsby

Empowering Youth Activities

Spring planting Krokvägen and Toppstigen, Nynäshamn, Sweden photo

Playing and using apps to educate, manage, learn, and self-empower. Enjoying the great outdoors, camping, and physical activities. Playing real-life sporting games with game plans to bring out the best in youths by competing. Engaging or getting involved in youth empowerment groups, clubs, organizations, team-building, community activities. Serving others in the community. Expressing oneself in creativity be it arts, crafts, music, poetry, dance.

There are groups and organizations that are global in nature while having local chapters in the different countries of the world. Apart from self-empowerment, there are resources to learn, grow, and develop in so many ways. There are also youth activities that support lots of causes, such as sustainability for our planet. In our next section, we provide examples of these groups and organizations youths can take part in, and become fully empowered. Join with the millions around the world already involved in these well-established and often youth-led organizations.

Youth Empowerment Organizations

Here is a list of some Youth Empowerment Organizations and Youth Organizations

  • Adventures of the Mind
  • Children and Youth International
  • Freechild Project
  • Friends of Nature
  • Girls, Inc.
  • Global Youth Action Network
  • Junior Achievement (US)
  • Junior Chamber International
  • Khan Academy
  • Leo Clubs
  • Millennium Kids
  • National Youth Leadership Council
  • Not Back to School Camp
  • Plant-for-the-Planet
  • Rotaract
  • Sano Sansar Initiative
  • Sierra Youth Coalition
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • SustainUS
  • TakingITGlobal
  • The Oaktree Foundation
  • Up with People (US)
  • Youth Activism Project
  • Youth Service America
  • Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA
  • Young Women’s Christian Association YWCA
  • Ten Sing
  • Scouting
    • Boy Scouts
    • Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting

Adventures of the Mind

Adventures of the Mind is a camp for nominated talented high school students – the achievers of tomorrow – that focuses on achievement mentoring, with guidance and nurturing from mentors who are highly accomplished from a very diverse field.
Adventures of the Mind


AIESEC is an international non-governmental organization that is the world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization. AIESEC operates in 127 countries with approximately 27,000 members.

Youths are empowered to make a positive impact on society by being provided with leadership development, volunteering in different countries, and learning about their cultures.

Children and Youth International

Children and Youth International based in Brussels, Belgium, and Brighton, UK is a non-governmental youth empowerment organization that is led by volunteer youths. This organization empowers young people and also serves as one of the Organizing Partners of the Major Group for Children and Youth of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

Freechild Project

Freechild Institute is a supportive non-profit organization for youths and adults, facilitating training and courses for students of all ages, providing tools building youth engagement, and lots of strategies supporting youth engagement.
Freechild Project

Friends of Nature

Friends of Nature is a non-profit organization, promoting international friendship and understanding, encouraging – sustainable tourism, enjoyment of nature, having a minimal effect on the environment, by providing appropriate recreational and travel facilities.
Friends of Nature

Girls, Inc.

Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the development of the whole girl to grow up healthy, educated, and independent, through long-lasting mentoring relationships, and by equipping girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers.
Girls, Inc.

Global Youth Action Network

The Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) is a youth-led, not-for-profit organization that comprises an international network of youth NGOs spanning 180 countries, combining their efforts to guarantee a future of peace, justice, and sustainability. Tools, resources, and recognition are provided for positive youth action.
Global Youth Action Network

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide is one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs that work with local businesses, schools, and organizations, that prepare young people for employment and entrepreneurship. Their network of over 465,000 volunteers serves more than 10 million students in over 100 countries every year.
Junior Achievement

Junior Chamber International

As a youth, I was personally a member of the Junior Chamber International organization. I learned a tremendous lot. For example, I learned how a meeting agenda is set and conducted, interaction with my local community, and how to work as a team with the individuals of the group. These simple things as they seemed at the time have served me well in my life, and I am always grateful to have these associations in my local community with international connections.

Junior Chamber International is a non-profit international non-governmental organization comprising of young active citizens that are communicating, taking action, and creating sustainable impact locally and globally, fostering international cooperation, good-will, and understanding.
Junior Chamber International

Khan Academy

Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids
Khan Academy’s motto is “A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”.

Khan Academy Kids
The only free, comprehensive early learning app that will inspire a lifelong love of learning.

It is an educational organization that is a non-profit and was created in 2005 by Salman Khan. Khan began teaching his cousins with simple online tools. The Academy receives funding from philanthropic organizations. The website of Khan Acamedy provides “a personal learning experience” with YouTube videos. The lessons are provided in many languages.

Courses are available in:
Science & engineering
Arts & humanities
Economics & finance
Test prep
For more information: Khan Academy

Leo Clubs

Having been a member of The Lions Organization as a young man, I worked with the Leos – the youths. Some were children of the Lions members who wanted to give their children a start in the right direction of interacting with their community. And also being able to travel globally and work with other Leos members in their local communities getting familiar with different cultures in other countries.

This is what the website says:
Leos in Action: The future of Lions rests in the capable hands of our Leos. Even though they’re the service leaders of tomorrow, they’re taking action today, in local communities around the planet, making a huge impact on those in need.

Youths interested in joining can learn more
Leo Clubs

Millennium Kids

Millennium Kids Inc is a not-for-profit youth organization that empowers young people with youth-led initiatives to become leaders to contribute significantly to their environment and communities.
Millennium Kids

National Youth Leadership Council

The National Youth Leadership Council, or NYLC, is a US nonprofit organization whose vision is for all young people to participate in service-learning during their formative years. And a mission: “To create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world, with young people, their schools, and communities through service-learning.”

Not Back to School Camp

Not Back to School Camp with skilled, caring staff, mentors approximately 60-100 campers (mostly unschoolers and homeschoolers) ages 13 to 18, coming together to support and share with each other in the community through workshops, events, and gatherings. “We come to camp to change ourselves and the world, teach each other great things.”
Not Back to School Camp


Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement raising awareness amongst children and adults about climate change by planting trees around the world.


Rotaract Clubs around the world comprises of young people ages 18-30, who develop leadership and professional skills and take part in international service projects, in their united effort for more peace and understanding in our world.

Sano Sansar Initiative

Sano Sansar Initiative is a global youth-led non-profit organization and movement which raises awareness through education, to promote environmental conservation, sustainable development, in order to solve the global climate and poverty crisis.
Sano Sansar Initiative

Sierra Youth Coalition

The Sierra Youth Coalition is a youth-led national Canadian organization, serving as the youth arm of the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation, whose mission is to “empower young people to become active community leaders who contribute to making Canada a better society” – by educating young people about ecological and social sustainability.
Sierra Youth Coalition

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a youth-led international non-profit organization comprising of a grassroots network of students focused on reforming the drug policy in the United States and internationally, and dedicated to ending the war on drugs.
Students for Sensible Drug Policy


SustainUS is a youth-led non-profit, network group in the United States and internationally, developing lifelong leaders who are changing the world advancing for a just and sustainable society, and advocating for just and sustainable policies at UN conferences for climate change, development, women, and human rights.


TakingITGlobal is a non-governmental organization and one of the world’s leading networks of young people that empowers youth to understand and act on the world’s greatest challenges. And who actively engage around the world in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable world.

The Oaktree Foundation

Oaktree is Australia’s largest youth-run international development organization of young people leading, demanding, and creating a more just world. “We are hundreds of volunteers, alumni, campaigners, student ambassadors donors, and thousands of everyday Australians who believe in a world where all people have the opportunity to thrive.”
The Oaktree Foundation

Up with People

Up with People Website states that their goal is: “Up with People’s driving purpose is to use the power of music and social action to empower young people to be positive agents of change and build a more hopeful, trusting, and peaceful world. Our touring cast acts as a catalyst to inspire people and communities to embrace their ability to act as global citizens, celebrate diversity, and forge connections with different cultures. We aim to impact communities and youth around the world with a message of hope, optimism and faith in our common humanity.
Up with People

Youth Activism Project

The Youth Activism Project is a fully youth-led, international organization that provides resources, and “currently support social change campaigns regarding the following human rights causes: Global Girls’ Education, Gun Violence, Food and Water Justice, Lower Voting Age, Sex Trafficking”.
Youth Activism Project

Youth Service America

Youth Service America (YSA), provides a wide variety of free resources and training through their YSA Knowledge Center, to assist youth and their adult mentors plan high-quality, high-impact service and service-learning projects in communities globally.
Youth Service America

Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA

The YMCA is an International Movement rooted in more than 12000 communities around the world and the world’s oldest and largest youth-serving NGO.
The Website states: “The YMCA addresses issues affecting each community by developing programs and activities with special focus on young people in order to build a “human community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation for the fullness of life for all creation”.
Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA

Young Women’s Christian Association YWCA

The Website states: “The World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA) is a global movement working for women’s empowerment, leadership and rights in more than 120 countries and 20,000 local communities. Empowering women and girls is our way to change the world. Our members and supporters include women from many different faiths, ages, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.”
Young Women’s Christian Association YWCA

Ten Sing
Ten Sing is an international Youth programme that is within the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) and YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association), focusing on empowering young people through creative performing arts, to express themselves by using their own culture.


Scouting or the Scout Movement is a global movement that supports young people in developing physically, mentally and spiritually, taking part in programmes, events, activities and projects, developing outdoors and survival skills.

Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Air Scouts, Sea Scouts, Adventure Scouts, Rider Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Venture Scouts, Rover Scouts, Navigators.
World Organization of the Scout Movement

Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting
Brownie Guide, Girl Guide, Girl Scout, Ranger Guide
The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Youth Empowerment Ideas

Types and Examples of Youth Empowerment. Author: Kazim Abasali

  • Self-empowerment
  • Find a teacher, coach, role model, mentor
  • Develop a proper sense of values and virtues
  • Join an empowerment group or organization
  • Develop a positive mindset or frame of mind
  • Learn to be creative and innovate
  • Be purposeful
  • Educate your mind with training resources
  • Develop a skill-set to provide for oneself
  • Become financially informed
  • Enjoy the great outdoors
  • Volunteer
  • Serve or be of service to others
  • Be a team member
  • Develop a wide and varied network of friends, associates, and interesting persons
  • Keep in constant contact with your network
  • Get involved in your community
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Become self-reliant
  • Care for our planet and the other species
  • Keep trying as failure is part of succeeding
  • Make your parents, guardians, coaches, teachers, mentors proud of you
  • Show gratitude
  • Be humble