Free on-line Courses in areas such as Business, Technology, Computer Programming, Entrepreneurship and Music

Govt, US firm to design free online learning network for Trinidad and Tobago

MC900444631“This country is working with a US company to design the first ever national online learning network, according to a BBC online report.
The BBC report, dated May 28, described the online learning project as “an ambitious one” pointing out that this is the first time such a system will be designed for an entire country.
This Government, the BBC report stated, is forming a partnership with Coursera, a major provider of Moocs—massive open online courses—to provide a network of free online courses, learning materials and television programmes across the country.
“The US-based company now has almost eight million students registered. But this project in Trinidad will be the first time that a Mooc system will have been designed for an entire country described as a “national knowledge network” the BBC report stated.
Minister of Tertiary Education Fazal Karim, who was quoted in the article, said that it was “a very important step” for the country and that 60 per cent of the country’s young people are being targeted to participate in further and higher education by next year.
He also added that the challenge for this country was “how do we move from low skills and low wages to high skills and high wages?” And that it was vital to use on-line learning to improve the vocational skills needed to make the economy competitive since “you can learn as you earn and you can earn more learning”.
The report added, “There will be learning centres on the university campuses where students will be able to get help from mentors. There will also be accreditation and college credits from the on-line courses.”
“It will be promoted by the website, which will be a gateway to free on-line courses in areas such as business, technology, computer programming, entrepreneurship and music,” the BBC report added.”

By Camille Bethel
Story Created: Jun 5, 2014 at 1:16 AM ECT
Story Updated: Jun 5, 2014 at 1:16 AM ECT

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