How To Be Empowered?

How To Be Empowered? How can we assist you to further transform your well-being, developing additional skills for greater self-sufficiency?

Developed skills in your life that profoundly and positively impact your community and our world!

We provide empowering strategies – articles, videos, music, talks, books, – resources for creativity, personal empowerment, and for inspiring a collective global conscience.


  • allow, entitle, encourage; equip, endow, enable, supply, give qualities or abilities to;
  • render capable or able for some task;
  • to promote the self-actualization or influence by inspiring;
  • emancipate, give means to, enfranchise, empowering by means of education;
  • Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, social, educational, and economic strength of individuals and communities.

Empowerment also includes encouraging, and developing the skills for self-sufficiency. The process is to start and to implement as you go along, then it becomes effective.

Self-sufficiency is becoming, being able, or depending on oneself, instead of being on charity, or welfare. Self-confidence grows because one becomes fully self-supporting. The opportunities created by oneself garners a pride of accomplishment since one can develop for oneself.

Our goal is to assist with one’s own welfare to create self-dependence. We will target strategies that cause changes, which can profoundly, directly, and positively impact communities. One can then take responsibility and credit for the success of projects and the consequences.

This shows the impact we can have on the overall spiritual, social and economic benefits of a community, nation, and on a global scale.
We already have this innate or God-given power to create within ourselves. It is just to engage and develop our abilities and skills serving others in our communities.

It encourages us to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow us to overcome obstacles in life and make them stepping stones, and help us develop character.
Empowerment occurs through the improvement of our conditions, and our global perspective of life.

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