Jackie Battenfield The Artist’s Guide

Jackie Battenfield The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What you Love

In my search for a successful artist to model, (on Google) I came upon Jackie Battenfield. With her years of experience, and acquired know-how, she decided to write a book to share what she learnt and also teaches.

As she shares in her About Page: “From 1981-89, she worked as the Director of The Rotunda Gallery, curating thirty-six exhibitions, and overseeing its development from a tiny, fledgling space to a stable, dynamic arts organization. Jackie left the gallery shortly after realizing she could apply the skills she had developed running it to her own career. She’s never looked back.”

From her video and her book which I bought, I recommend her as a resource for any artist – aspiring or otherwise, to apply her shared strategies to further one’s career.

Here are 2 video as she share her story with us:

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