MOOC – Massive Open Online Course

MOOC – A Massive Open Online Course

MOOC – A Massive Open Online Course is a free (open) course with unlimited (massive) participation and accessed over the internet (online). MOOC course materials consist of videos, readings, and problem sets, with interactive user forums consisting of students, teachers, and professors.

MOOCs are a recent form of distance education, or online correspondence schooling. There are also courses that are free and you pay for certification. And there are also courses that you pay to access.

Courses are offered from some the best universities, in different languages, and from around the world.

MOOC Providers

A list of some MOOC Providers are:
Canvas Network
Academic Earth
Peer to Peer University
Khan Academy
World Education Portals
First Business MOOC

In the next article, I will touch on some of these providers. And I will from time to time share what courses are being offered. I am personally taking some of these courses.

So, if you are so inclined, you can take advantage of these resources.

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