Nursing As An Art, Art Of Nursing

With a charming smile and a healing touch, a nurse can mend a ruptured body and a broken soul with ease. Such is the art of nursing!

A nurse monitoring a patient's readings. Nursing As An Art.

When a person goes through a physical or emotional setback in life, his recovery depends as much on the diagnosis made and the medication prescribed, as on the healing touch and presence of his caregivers.

A person’s most cherished wealth is his health. A healthy person can achieve anything with his determination, hard work, and faith. Hence the presence of a good healthcare system is very important for ensuring an empowered society and an empowered country.

Nursing is a big part of this healthcare system and focuses on caring for individuals, families, and communities. This in turn helps to attain, maintain, and recover optimal health and good quality of life for those individuals, families, and communities.

Nursing is that section of the healthcare providers that is focused on patient care.

Nursing is an art and a skill. The art of nursing is therefore the art of caring plus the technical and scientific knowledge of patient care.

The art of nursing is about playing a crucial role in ensuring the recovery of a patient.

The art of nursing is also about helping the family of a patient to cope with the health condition they are encountered by supporting and advising them.

It is about empowering the family.

The art of nursing is about working in communities to help them understand the requirements for leading a life of optimal health. Nurses work at different community centers educating the people there about health and well-being.

It is about empowering a community.

A skillful nursing technique would be to inform, engage, and empower the patient about the treatment process, methodology, progress, etc. The bond formed with the patient by adopting such a technique will truly transform the process of recovery for the patient.

Nurses reading for their next shift at the hospital, Art Of Nursing.

Dr. Jean Watson, an American nurse theorist, and nursing professor defines nursing as nothing less than a professional, personal, scientific, and ethical care-related interaction.

This definition talks a lot about the art of nursing. It makes it a beautiful synergy of professional knowledge, personal interactions, scientific methodologies, and ethical practices.

Inside a hospital that is filled with the beeping sound of machines and the constant conversation of the patient’s mind, the greeting of nursing staff should sound like the melody of a singing bird.

The art of nursing is about being that comfort factor for the patients.

Philosophy Of Nursing

The lady with the lamp, Florence Nightingale, changed the whole concept of nursing and is known as the pioneer in modern nursing. According to her, the best that nursing can do to a patient is to put him in the best condition so that nature can act upon him.

Florence Nightingale Inspirational Women In History. Nursing As An Art.

Florence Nightingale paved the way for modern nursing, as we know it today, by establishing nursing schools.

The philosophy of nursing is to provide care, compassion, and hope for someone who needs it.

During times of physical and mental distress, these factors help him heal and recover. It emphasizes these aspects as much as providing the medication on time and in the manner prescribed.

The philosophy of nursing is also to be an advocate of good health practices for society.

Teaching, training, and advocating practices that ensure health and wellness in the society, making sure to find and report any abnormalities in the health and behavioral patterns of the members of the society.

The philosophy of nursing is delivering customized quality patient care according to the requirements of the patient.

Each person may require a different approach to treatment and the nurse is equipped to handle it.

With care and compassion at its core, a nurse can come up with various means to plan and promote wellness, restore health, and prevent illness.

It could be a midwife nurse coming into the house to help in delivery, or a hospice nurse coming into the house to ease the pain, and be with the family during the last stages of a person.

Their presence in the house soothes the family and reduces their anxiety.

Holding their hands, rubbing their back, and listening to them, these nurses share a very personal bond with their patients. Over a period of time, they even understand the patient’s requirements without any verbal communication.

Nursing is about making the moments of the life of a patient count.

Making it much more than the numbers displayed on the machines that they are attached to. Filling up the emptiness created by the thought of being sick, with hope and love for life. It is a beautiful philosophy for life itself.

Nursing Science, Art Of Nursing

According to the WHO, there are more than 20 million nurses in the world.

They are currently working round the clock to fight the pandemic that has gripped the entire world. Without the hard work and commitment of the health care workers including the nursing staff, we would have ended up in chaos and confusion, much worse than what we have today.

A batch of nurses on call at the hospital. Nursing As An Art.

Every day, nurses stand on the frontline between the life and death of patients, handling highly complex medical equipment, medications, and technologies, with the motive of keeping the patient alive.

Nurses are the people whom the patient turns to for all of their needs.

Nurses are the connecting link between the physician and the patient, regularly communicating with both of them. All clinical interactions begin and end with a nurse.

Nursing science is a multidimensional stream that includes physiology, psychology, sociology, and humanities.

This makes nursing science more of a holistic science.

Though it may not involve a very detailed study of the streams mentioned, they are all part of what a nursing student learns. It deals with administering medicine, handling equipment, collecting data, making inferences, etc.

Nursing science teaches nurses to administer care and manage conditions.

Today, nursing science also contributes to the research and discovery of innovative approaches to improve the health care sector. It facilitates better diagnosis and a better experience for the patients.

Nursing science enables the consistent presence of human touch in the entire process of recovery of a person.

Hence it has been aptly described as an application of hard sciences with compassion as its aim. It is driving the best practices in patient care around the world. Within the health sciences, nursing science integrates the biobehavioral responses of humans.

Nursing science is about hygiene and sanitation and ensuring that there is no spread of infection from one person to another.

Nursing Is Caring

Nursing is not called a noble profession for no reason. They are the angels on earth who, in the darkest of nights, soothe the human mind with their presence.

Their earnings in terms of good wishes, gratitude, and appreciation from patients cannot be compared with anything else.

A nurse attending a young boy. Art Of Nursing.

According to Dr. Jean Watson, a disease can be cured, but without care, the illness remains.

Good health is not attained without the most important ingredient called care.

A person responds to care as much as he responds to the medicine. It is only with a combination of the two that miracles happen in medicine.

Nurses all over the world help patients, comfort families, teach people, or work with hospital administrations. Each of these activities makes a difference in a patient’s life.

The joy of caring for a patient and the trust that the patient develops in the nurse as a result of that care is the biggest takeaway for a nurse.

With each patient that improves and recovers, the nurse feels joy from within, making nursing a very fulfilling profession.

A nurse is present when a child is born, caring for the mother in labor and the newborn. Ensuring the mother gets to rest and the newborn gets his food and monitoring their health.

A nurse is present when someone falls sick, administering medications, checking his progress, and caring for that person.

A nurse is present when a person takes his last breath, comforting the patient as well as his family members to get through the most difficult times.

What is nursing, if not caring?

Caring is at the core of nursing. Be it a professional and trained nurse or a family member assuming the role of a caregiver, if they don’t care for the well-being of that person, they cannot be a good nurse or caregiver.

Being passionate about caring for others gives a nurse the conviction to go through the ordeals of being a nurse. It is a job that requires one to be vigilant and watchful. It requires one to be strong, physically, and emotionally, for the patient and his family.

There is very little scope for error and negligence. It requires one to be in close quarters with life and death alike. It also requires one to be data-oriented as well as faith-oriented at the same time. It is not an easy job and takes a toll on one’s body and mind. It calls for a person to be tough and soft simultaneously.

Hence, without the conviction and passion to be a good caregiver, one cannot do it day after day.

Nurses are the frontline soldiers as far as healthcare is concerned.

Contributors: Kazim Abasali & Deepa Kadavakat