Photo of Kazim Abasali“Thank you so very much for sharing your comments with me. I am deeply moved by your heartfelt words which further inspire me to continue what I truly love doing. I humbly sincerely appreciate your support. Blessings to you always.”

Kazim Abasali – The Empowering Artist

 Photo of Nicola Ryan

“Kazim, since I have know you and over this time I have watched your artwork and positive inspirations decorate and enrich the pages of Facebook. The messages you send are uplifting, encouraging and a work of beauty. I wish you well in your endeavor Kazim and I thank you my friend for sharing your wonderful gift with us all. I look forward to watching you blossom…..God Bless….much love♥”

Nicola Ryan, Kununurra, Western Australia

Photo of Suzy Michaels

“Kazim – I love your beautiful and uplifting art creations. You have a wonderful, kind energy about you. Thank you for sharing these inspiring pieces.” 

Suzy Michaels, Tempe, AZ, USA
Touch lives by staying connected, expressing appreciation, showing gratitude. A great business tool.

Photo of Laura Bellasi

“Mi piacciono molto le tue creazioni, nelle quali riesco a vedere la tua. Anima!”

“I like very much your creations, from which I can see your soul. Kisses!” 

Laura Bellasi, Italy

Photo of Rajinder S Bedi

“Your art work is awesome and highly inspiring. I love selection of your themes. You build the theme of your art based on an empowering quotation; or may be you first conceive the theme of your vision and after completing your work, you add value by pasting an appropriate quote on it. In any case, the end product is very inspiring, confidence building, empowering and motivating. Your portfolio is unique and of a niche genre. Each work is a collector’s item.” 

Rajinder S Bedi, New Delhi, India
Peace Emissary (WICO)
Ambassador of Peace for FB Group:

Photo of Jennifer Scott

“I love your beautiful art pieces. They speak to me. I feel they help expand my consciousness as I look at their bold, bright colors. I also feel uplifted reading your inspiring messages. It’s my pleasure to offer you my very personal experience of your Art.” 

Jennifer Scott, Scottsdale, AZ, Self Help Systems; President Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counselor jscotthypnosis.com

Photo of Anthony Fleming

“Dear Kazim, yes I love your artwork and everything you do as it reflects your passion and energy and your creativity. You have a special gift and I thank you for sharing it. God bless you my friend.” 

Anthony Fleming, Newbury, United Kingdom 
PASSION 4 LIFE: Inspirational Life Coach

Photo of Reverend Toni G. Boehm

“Friends, Kazim is one of those rare people whose heart is as big as the state of Texas, and the love that flows forth from his heart and being, is reflected in his art. Be sure to check out his empowering art, it will move you.” 

Rev. Toni Boehm, Kansas City, MO, USA
“I am a mid-wife for the birthing of the soul’s remembrance.”

Photo of Shirlee Hall

“Dear Kazim, Tears of joy well within. Your artistic journey resonates to my inner journey, which is often supported through spiritual visions. You have captured through the magic of your artistry what I see as light forms and can only lamely express through words.” 

Shirlee Hall, Chicago, IL, USA, Wisdom Teacher, Spiritual Healerauthor “Be-Embracing the Mystery” www.behealedforever.com

Photo of Joan Kidd

“Your work is fabulous. The color combination is kind to the eyes and happy for the heart. I look forward to seeing more.” 

Joan Kidd, Sedona, AZ, USA
I’m a soul reader.

Photo of Lennard Delano Gordon

“Kazim, your proverbs and quotations build up my weaker self, and your art and artistic ability grasp my spirit in awe.” 

Lennard Delano Gordon, Laurelton, NY, USA

Photo of Alida Fehily

“Kazim’s beautiful artwork is filled with love and wisdom, which will touch, move, and inspire you into experiencing who you really are. By using these inspiring quotes and pictures on a daily or weekly basis you will unlock and reveal your inner soul. Truly empowering!!!” 

Alida Fehily, Toronto, ON, Canada
Author, Keys to Wisdom WIZ-cARDs®

Photo of Connie Kadansky

“Yes, your art is so beautiful and the quotes are equally profound — the quotes are unique and not in the main stream yet — so they have a chance to make an impact before they become cliché! Thank you for your service to humanity through your art.” 

Connie Kadansky, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Exceptional Sales Performance

Photo of Heather K. O'Hara

“Dear Kazim…Your work is an exquisite blend of art and inspiration. The quotations you have chosen are some of the most empowering words ever written; and the loving energy that flows from your artwork is pure, powerful, unique, and beautiful. The soul of the artist is the true gift of these extraordinary creations.” 

Heather K. O’Hara, Denver, CO, USA
Author, Poet, Humanitarian…
Author of “AXIS, The Song in the Center of the Soul”
Global Inspiration, Inc.


Photo of Marie Saide

“Your artwork is so beautiful, it is a great inspiration to humanity. The harmony between your colors and words is fabulous, it urges people to sink in the divine ocean of peace and love. Thank you for what you give and share for the welfare of all. May God bless you and empower you to give more LOVE and PEACE to our beautiful planet.” 

Marie Saide, Damascus, Syria

Photo of Mary Jayne Hyde

“Kazim’s incredibly beautiful “Empower with Art” creations and his kind spirit bring joy to my heart. The vibrant colors and lovely designs of his unique artwork are heartwarming and inspiring. The creative energy behind each creation is perfectly expressed and felt by the viewer. When I need comfort or inspiration all I have to do is spend a moment with his art and I get centered and filled with joy.” 

Mary Jayne Hyde, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Empowering Musicians to Promote Their Music

Photo of Ramon Pratt

“Wonderful soul stirring art by my friend Kazim!” 

Ramon Pratt, USA
Gifted Singer & Performer RIP
Harmonious Productions

Photo of Patricia Perez

“Kazim, your art is so very beautiful and inspires peace.” 

Patricia Perez, Queretaro, Mexico

Photo of Karna B. Shah

“I am very much happy about the work that you are doing. Your art is so beautiful that I can’t describe with words. You are a really creative person who touches the hearts of others. Blessings to you always.” 

Karna B. Shah, Kathmandu, Nepal
President of HORAC/Nepal
An orphanage where children can get the parental love they deserve.


Photo of George Roundy

“Kazim, thank you for sharing your heart and soul through your art. Knowing you and loving you for all of these years, it is very heartwarming to see you get your art out into the world to share the beauty and joy from which it was born. Thank you for all that you do.” 

George Roundy, Phoenix, AZ, USA
CEO of eCorridor

GAINS Equity Management, LLC

Photo of Tetka Rhu

“Kazim, from the very first moment of connecting with you through Social Media, I was attracted to the beauty and wonder of your fantastic creations. Your “Empower with ART” series creates a world of endless possibilities from within, The colors titillate the senses as you are into vortexes of self discovery. The spirit of self discovery awakens each person to their greater potential….Love your Work….Much love with swirling rainbow lights.” 

Tetka Rhu, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Artist and Author
“Igniting peoples’ SOULS” with The Key to OUR Destiny.


Photo of Katie Davis

“Kazim’s art and radiant colors inspire pure love, wisdom, and creative expression. Thank you for making the extraordinary available to the world.” 

Katie Davis, Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Author, “Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment”
Author, Spiritual, Enlightenment Teacher

Photo of Melissa Michaels

“‘Empower With Art’ is a gift to humanity. Kazim says his “Purpose is to add the greatest value to our lives.” He most definitely succeeded in doing so. ‘Empower with Art’ is electrifying soothing. Art heals!” 

Melissa Michaels, San Diego, CA, USA
Model, Author, Designer, Film producer, Dancer
CEO & Owner: Inpeloto

Photo of Hindya Dupont

“Kazim’s art makes my days beautiful ! His sensitivity, his beauty are always so blissful.” 

Hindya Dupont, Paris, France 

Photo of Flynann Janisse

“Kazim – I have been long inspired by your wisdom and now the expression of your art. I am honored to know you, and to experience the warmth your art has brought me personally, and to our organization. Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation serves the needs of many whom are less fortunate on a national level. Your art has inspired others to reach beyond the circumstances and hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter future. The concept of visual healing is cutting edge and we support your continued growth and the benefit it offers others. We are thankful to be in your circle of life. My warmest regards.” 

Flynann Janisse, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Executive Director Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation

“Caro Kazim, ho visto la gallery, sono incantata! Bellissimi lavori, pieni di poesia….io scrivo poesie, i tuoi lavori sono pieni di luce, di vita d`amore.. mi piacciono molto.. complimenti…..♥”

“Dear Kazim, I saw the gallery, I am enchanted! Beautiful works, full of poetry….I write poems, your works are full of light and love of life.. I like very much.. compliments…..♥”

Viviane Cavalli, Locarno, Switzerland

“The flow of Spirit is being beautifully and brilliantly expressed through your art, Kazim. Your color and word choices are exquisite and the resulting artwork is magnificent. I thoroughly enjoy appreciating and admiring your artistic talents. Thank you for your gift of inspiration and for the rich blessings of your friendship.” 

Tuyet Van Julie, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Unity Prayer Chaplain
Unity Church of Oklahoma City


“This is more than art, this is consciousness art. The vibration of Kazim’s masterpieces are very high and would raise the consciousness of any area where it is displayed. His work embraces a multidimensional approach from visual appeal to deep psychological and spiritual activation. As someone who endorses a life philosophy of imagining our best selves from heart-space and conscious living, it is clear to me Kazim creates from his soul and deliver his message directly to the soul beyond culture, language and belief. There is nothing more to say.” 

Adele Green, Johannesburg, South Africa
Kinesiologist, Coach, Writer, Artist, Explorer of life

Life Philosophy: Business Owner

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the art on this website is powerful and has a flare of warmth. I see wisdom and maturity with each piece and it brings a melody to my heart♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪. Peace and Perception to you in the coming year. I wish you much success.” 

Kathleen Hudson, Peoria, AZ, USA  
HIS Service INc

“Congratulations dear Kazim, your work is phenomenal!!!! and it is all pure Heart! God Bless you.” 

Thamary Abecasis, Caracas, Venezuela 

“A very beautiful album of art…I love the colors, the abstract paintings and quotes ♥” 

Mary Ann Brink Ohlman

“En mi vida los colores son muy importantes. Me hacen sentir bien y me inspiran a crecer. Cuando por primera vez vi tu arte, me sentí tan bien y feliz viendo esos colores tan potentes y bonitos, me encanta tu arte.”

“In my life the colors are very important. They make me feel good and inspire me to grow. When I first saw your art, it felt so good and so happy to see these powerful and beautiful colors, I love your art.”

Monica García, Madrid, Spain 

“Wonderful my dear friend ! I love your ART !
Thank you..Lovely Željka ♥” 

Zeljka Komatina, Podgorica, Montenegro
Artist, Painter, Writer


“Dear Kazim, I appreciate so much your art work…simply amazing!!! Thank you for making the extraordinary available to our World…From my heart, love and light always to your beautiful soul and heart♥ ♥ ♥” 

Claudia Coldebella, Montevideo, Uruguay
Reiki Master – Yoga Instructor, Business Administration

Din konstverk är mycket inspirerande, kände alla kommer från hjärtat. Simply Beautiful … Loved the coulours och alla citerar du lägger till.Awesome as You Are kära Kazim. Tack för att du delar med oss … God Bless You “

Kazim, Your Artwork is very inspiring, felt all comes from your Heart. Simply Beautiful. Loved the colors and all the quotes you add. Awesome as You Are dear Kazim. Thank you for sharing with us. God Bless You “

Susu Boustani, Gothenburg, Sweden
Life Coach 

“Dear Kazim, I feel a sense of peace, joy and exhilaration as I study your beautiful creations. The combination of beautiful and visually stunning images along with deeply meaningful and healing messages, make them a true gift to the world. Thank you for sharing your talent in such a lovely format. I know that you will touch many lives with your creations. I wish you much success.” 

Holly Kallie, Oconomowoc, WI, USA 

“Hi Kazim, I just love your artwork! Your digital art is just simply BEAUTIFUL! I am drawn and have always been drawn to those types of colors and designs! That of course is the first thing that caught my attention because even that makes my heart sing and takes me to a magical place. The messages that you choose for each piece just “fits”, making the “piece” complete! “A masterpiece of love”. I look forward to your future artwork.” 

Tanya Douglas, Carson City, MI

“KAZIM… your art is great… BEAUTYful images & words..” 

Ellen Love Vaman, Sydney, Australia

“Quero parabenizá-lo pelo trabalho bonito e poderoso que você tem compartilhado com o mundo. Aqui do Brasil, posso apreciar com alegria as suas belas criações e reforçar minha visão que o nosso planeta precisa que pessoas talentosas como você expresse de forma tão sutil e divina suas verdadeiras inspirações transformadas em ARTE.”

“I would like to congratulate you for your beautiful and powerful work that you have been sharing with the world. Here from Brazil I am able to appreciate with joy your beautiful creations, and reinforce my vision that our planet needs, that talented people like you express so subtle and divine, their true inspirations into ART.”

Luciana Lopes – Brasília, Brazil 
Master e Wizard Avatar 

“Kazim’s work is electric geometry infused with the power of positive message for human growth.” 

Alycia de Mesa, Mesa, AZ, USA
Brand Consultant/Coach & Harpist

“Kazim, Love your Art, so colourful, fluid and inspiring. Namaste ♥” 

Mandy Swaithe , Nottinghamshire, UK

“Lieber Kazim, Gleich von Anfang an als ich mir Deine Bilder und Deine Texte angesehen habe – fühlte ich mich zutiefst beeindruckt. Ich kann nicht wirklich beschreiben, was sie meiner Seele erzählen, doch es ist die Schönheit, die Harmonie, der Friede den sie ausdrücken, die mir viele Inspirationen schenken und im Gegenzug gute Schwingungen bewirken. Du bist gesegnet dadurch, dass Du diesem Planeten und den Menschen, die Du erreichst, diese Art von Geschenk gibst. Danke! Und mach weiter damit ….Ich bin ebenfalls eine Künstlerin und weiß, dass es großartig ist, was Du tust. :o))”

“Dear Kazim, From the first time I looked at your pictures and your words – I felt deeply impressed. I can’t really describe what they are telling my soul, but it is the beauty, the harmony, the peace they express, which gives lots of inspiration to me and causes good vibrations in return. You are blessed! Giving this planet and the people you reach on it this kind of a present. Thank you! And go on with it…I am also an artist and know it is great what you do.:o))”

Ingeborg Kreutzberg-Rothmann, Hannover, Minden, Germany 

“Kazim, wat ik zie gaat veel verder dan kunst, het is Kunst met een missie, mensen bewust te maken … ik u feliciteren voor uw werk, je bent op de goede weg! Blessings, Pat”

“Kazim, what I see goes far beyond Art, it is Art with a Mission, making people aware…I congratulate you for your work, you’re on the right track! Blessings, Pat”

Patricia Queritet Artist 


“Kazim, your gallery of art is SPECTACULAR. I congratulate you for your unusual progression and modernity. The colors touch many emotions. Thank you for your GREAT ART.”

Delis Jimenez – Caracas, Venezuela

“I love your artwork!!! – The Natural expression of many colors in your fractal artistry, keep shinning Kazim!!!” 

Harmonique – Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil

“Kazim, your art – Its Very beautiful !!!! and Such Nice Quotes !!! Lovely !!! ♥”

Marieemma Tarnawieki – Miami, USA 

“I love the combination of the colours of your photos!!!, You art is exceptional!!! These images are like dreams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate your trust for my opinion!!! All the best.”

Maria Jäger, Munich, Germany

“Hola Kazim, Su arte es muy hermosa, siempre veo las imágenes y me gusta mucho. Saludos desde Argentina y mis mejores deseos para un año nuevo gran utilidad.”

”Hi Kazim, your art is very beautiful, I always see the images and I really like a lot. Greetings from Argentina and my best wishes for a great new year.”

Monica Arturi, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

“Wow, beautiful art! Love the holographic, vibrant passionate colors, and touching words! So awesome to see how you can touch people lives with this Kazim! Sure love being exposed to ‘Enlightened Art’.” 

Claire Bajo – Kailua-Kona, HI, Kaneohe, HI

“Kazim, I like your work very much and appreciate you…many blessings and compliments!”

Vera Tummillo – Napoli, Italy 

“Great quotes to remind us about the heart of life, and beautiful colors to inspire our own heart. Nice work Kazim!”

Colleen Benelli, Portland, OR, USA
Artist, Writer


“Kazim, estamos muy agradecidos por compartir tus obras con nosotros, tu arte lleno de belleza y colorido, son una fuente de inspiracion!”

“Kazim, we are very grateful for sharing your work with us, your art full of beauty and color, are a source of inspiration!”

Gladys Ferreyra, Lima, Peru

“Jeder Künstler taucht seinen Pinsel in seine eigene Seele, und malt seine eigene Natur in seinen Bildern. ~ Henry Ward BeecherSie malen mit digitalen Pinsel und das erste, was ich sehe, sind die leuchtenden Farben und Licht, wie sie sich bewegen und swing.Then sehe ich die Formen und es sieht aus wie ein Blick tief in dieser universe.Full mit der Schöpfung, und das ist dein Teil, Sie erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen Universum zu lieben und fügen Sie alle Weisheit des Alters, um mich an meine eigene Seele der Natur zu erinnern “

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. ~Henry Ward Beecher You paint with digital brushes and the first thing I see are the shining and light colours; how they move and swing. Then I see the forms and it looks like a glimpse deep into this universe. Full with creation, and this is your part, you are creating your own loving universe and add to it all the wisdom of ages to remind me of my own souls nature”

Mahati Levin, Müllheim

“Art is a doorway to the Divine. When we look at beauty, that moment we feel the awe of it, we experience the Divine nature of the Universe. Kazim’s art brings us to that place and then anchors us there with beautiful words – I love it!”

Rev. Michelle Medrano, D.D.,
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Community Spiritual Leader

“Dear Kazim, your artwork is so beautiful and creative, such marvelous, striking colours, a joy to behold and very uplifting. They make me smile when I see them. I look forward to seeing more of your talent and wisdom in the future. Thank you for enriching our lives with your glorious spirit.”

Rosemarie Rounce-Rigou, London, United Kingdom

“I am very proud of your great work that reaches out to the spiritual needs of humanity”

Shepheran L’esperance, Seychelles

“I find your work sensitive, transformative and soothing. Thank you for being who you are to interpret our feeling nature in this way!”

Renee Morgan Brooks, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Motivational Performer