The Art Of Possibilities

The possibility of new life coming out of the earth makes Spring the most beautiful season of the year.

The art of possibilities is seen in every spring time as new life emerges. Flowers appear from the ground.

Every twig, branch, opening, or crevice on earth seems to be ready and looking forward to bringing out life and greenery and a thousand possibilities of a good life ahead.

The art of possibilities is all about filling our world with that spring-like freshness and promise. The very sight of this fills our hearts with hope and positivity.

We categorize things based on our experience and our exposure as – things that fall into the realm of possibilities, and that which don’t fall into this realm of possibilities.

Everything we do today, we dream of or even consider worth doing, falls into the realm of possible things. The things that don’t fall into this realm are labeled as those not worth considering.

The art of possibilities is about expanding our horizons and including more and more into the realm of possibilities. It is about reducing the number of things from the list of things not possible.

It is important to expand this horizon in order to improve our creativity and thought processes. The inhibiting nature of limited possibilities is disabling and containing.

The art of possibilities is learning the art of empowerment and thereby mastering the art of living.

Every individual who has been successful in doing so has been rewarded and recognized accordingly.

We make things happen as this artwork says, when we think positive about the art of possibilities.

If the Wright Brothers had not thought and acted beyond the obviously-impossible dream of flight, they wouldn’t be credited of being the first people to fly a motor-operated airplane today.

The art of possibilities is primarily about identifying and recognizing the different things that can be done or at least the different ways of doing things.

These options and choices are right there, close enough to grab, but far enough to distinguish between those who are not aware of it and those who are not.

The shift in mindset is the key here. The conditioned mindset that sometimes assesses things from a preconceived notion of what is possible, and what is not, either ignites or limits our possibilities.

The word possibility is sometimes mistaken with the word probability. However, we often use the word probability along with a mathematical connotation.

For example, we say the probability of the child being a girl is just as probable as being a boy. Or the probability of a person picking up an Ace card from a deck of cards is four out of fifty-two which is equal to one in thirteen (4/52 = 1/13).

We are able to be more specific when we associate numbers to the chances of a certain event happening or not happening.

In choosing between yes or no, we contemplate the possibilities as this yes, no art depiction shows.

Definition Of Possibility / Definition Of Possibilities

Possibilities definition is – “A thing that may happen, or be the case.”

Example: There is a possibility that this article gets published in a major international news outlet. This is an event that may happen or rather, this could be the case.

We could have come to this conclusion due to various factors like if this article is what readers are searching for and will add value to their lives.

Based on search engine optimization of the usage of the right keywords, the quality of the content in the article, the length of the article, the subscribers to the website where this article is published, and so on.

Possibility definition is – “Likelihood”.

Example: There is a possibility of rain today. The clouds are dark and rumbling. This simply means there is a likelihood of rain today and the % chances and the probability of rain could be more than fifty percent (50%) or fifty percent no rain.

This still doesn’t guarantee rain, but it would be a good idea to carry an umbrella or a raincoat under the given circumstances.

Definition of possibility is – “a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives”.

Example: One of the possibilities of meditation practices is the Zen meditation practice.

The statement implies that there are different methods of meditation, like the Mantra meditation, Transcendental meditation, Vipassana meditation, Zen meditation, etc., and we are stating one of the possible alternatives.

Definition of possibility is – “unspecified qualities of a promising nature, potential.”

Example: The little girl has the possibility of becoming a gymnast. Her flexibility and balancing skills are amazing.

The little girl’s flexibility and balancing skills increase her chances of becoming a good gymnast. Her potential is being referred to here.

Possibility or possibilities always talks about the things or events that will happen or can be done. It talks about the potential of the thing or event happening.

A colored depiction of an open door symbolized the many aspects of the art of possibilities.

Other Words For Possibility

In using another word for possibility: The usage may vary depending on the four (4) definitions of possibility or possibilities that our usage of the word implies. (The four definitions are explained in the previous section) The word or a synonym of possibility we use may also vary depending on the circumstances under which we use the word.

Other words for possibility include:

  • Ability
  • Achievability
  • Action
  • Alternative
  • Aptitude
  • Attainability
  • Attainableness
  • Capability
  • Chance
  • Chances
  • Choice
  • Circumstance
  • Conceivability
  • Contingency
  • Course of action
  • Fair shake
  • Feasibility
  • Fifty-fifty
  • Fling
  • Fluke
  • Fortuity
  • Happening
  • Hazard
  • Hope
  • Incident
  • Instance
  • Liability
  • Likelihood
  • Likeliness
  • Occasion
  • Occurrence
  • Odds
  • Opportunity
  • Option
  • Outside chance
  • Plausibility
  • Potential
  • Potentiality
  • Practicability
  • Probability

These words imply one part opportunity, hope, prospect, etc., and the other part hazard risk, odds, etc. This simply shows that depending on how we use the word possibility, it can denote positivity or lack of it.

For example: Let us consider the sentence – There is a possibility of me getting this job.

Here we imply hope, attainability, opportunity, prospects. The speaker of the sentence is hopeful of getting the job. Since it is a good thing to happen, the prospect of it happening spreads positivity.

Now, let us consider another sentence – There is a possibility of this flight taking off despite bad weather because of the experienced air traffic controllers attending to their radar readings.

Here we imply the odds being in favor due to the presence of attentive personnel .

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that we usually associate the word possibility or possibilities with hope, expectation, choices, etc.

We normally use it to show choices or to figure out a new path. New ideas and innovations start with a seed of possibility. At every juncture, it is the ray of the possibility that shows it the light to move forward.

The possibility exist by turning impossible to possible by considering all the options why something good can take place. The photo shows a marker in hand crossing out im from impossible, turning it into possible.

There Is A Possibility

There is a possibility that the earth is not flat. The shape of the moon, the solar and lunar eclipse, and then, later on, Aristotle’s observations, made this possibility a reality.

There is a possibility that the sun’s energy can be used to produce electricity. Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel worked on this possibility when he figured out that by merely shining a light on an electrode submerged in any conductive solution, we could create an electric current.

There is a possibility of living on planets other than Earth. This is the mission of Elon Musk’s Mars and Beyond programs. He calls it – the road to making humanity multiplantery. We begin with Mars.

There is a possibility of a bounty harvest of vegetables this year. The good quality seeds and organic manure provided by the city have been of great help to all the farmers.

There is a possibility of more investment in Artificial Intelligence firms during this decade. Investors from around the world are identifying and acknowledging the role of AI in years to come, making it a lucrative area in which to invest time and money.

There is a possibility of the gas price decreasing in 2020. The increase in supply and decrease in demand due to most people working from home and staying indoors increases the likelihood of this possibility becoming a reality.

There is a possibility of more content being made for the streaming platforms. The success of the shows already available on the streaming platforms could lead to more content being written for this platform.

By choosing the art of possibilities, we can make things happen, as this drawing with three markers paint in blue, yellow and red colors the words, make things happen.

The Art Of Possibility Summary

The possibility of finding an oasis in the desert is not very high. But the hope generated by the possibility keeps the traveler going. And that hope leaves when he thinks there is no possibility of finding an oasis anywhere close by.

The hope generated by a person who sees the possibility of reaching his goal by persisting with his efforts can save his mission. It works every time we keep focus and persevere until we attain our dreams.

The art of possibility summary is to identify the possibilities that can bring in hope, aspiration, and happiness.

Identifying the possibilities that we can live by is like finding empowerment and inspiration. It is like already knowing the result of what we want and then making that result happen.

When a person proclaims that there is a possibility of the world becoming a happier and better place to live in, somewhere deep down, that person has already started to believe that the world is a happier place.

The art of possibility summary is what Michelangelo meant when he said –

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Contributors: Kazim Abasali and Deepa Kadavakat