The Art of Service

As long as there is life, there will be a need for service. As service is vital to life as breathing is to living.

Mother teaching her two children about service in the community.

Bring our unique meaning to life as we serve others. We are characterized by the way we interact with others, by how we live or serve our interests. We are noted for such. And whenever our name comes up, we are synonymous with our most notable assets or talents. Talents with which we use to serve.

We can create apps to serve others with capabilities that make life easier for us. We can create products to do the same.

If we were to think of the innumerable number of apps, gadgets, and products that have been developed over time to serve the human race, we will be amazed by the technological advancement of our civilization.

It is an ongoing process as we evolve as a species on planet earth and as we aspire to colonize other planets in our future existence. And the little everyday things we do to serve others are just as important as our fascinating discoveries and creations.

Examples of Service

Public Service

A service is something that the public needs, such as electricity or other energy supplies, telecommunications, education (schools, universities), health care (hospitals), emergency services (fire, law enforcement, emergency health services), public transportation, social services (social welfare), waste management (solid waste, recycling), environmental protection, water supply, public buildings, the justice system (courts).

USPS driver delivering mail as his form of service as his job.

Company Service

Any organization or private company provide some sort of service to the public as a type of work or job such as financial services (banking, investing), private health services (health care, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, therapists), communications (telephone, mobile, and landline, internet service provider), insurance, law firms, news services (newspapers, magazines, websites/blogs, housing, transportation (taxi, tours), airline travel, mail couriers, security services, charities and non-profit organizations, small and mid-sized businesses, large corporations and multinationals, professional and trade associations, trade unions.

Service Synonyms

Access, assistance, avail, care, courtesy, coverage, delivery, dispensation, duty, employ, favor, help, help-desk, helpline, indulgence, inspection and repair, kindness, maintenance, ministration, overhaul, provider, provision, relevance, repair, response, serving, supply, support, upkeep.

Service Meaning

Serving is a constant everyday thing we do continually. Whatever we do for others is service.

The art of serving is ‘how’ or the act, manner we choose to serve others. Do we make others feel special, loved, and honored by the way we serve them? And just as important is ‘when’ we choose to serve others.

Service at a restaurant and bar.

We can choose to empower others by giving them the tools to equip them to be able to help themselves without always being dependent on others.

So service in itself is something we can do in a very wise way to benefit others more meaningfully.

Ultimately it benefits ourselves and the whole of society or community when everyone can take care of themselves more effectively.

So whether it is in a relationship, a family, a group, a community, or society as a whole, the way we serve is important.

For we are really building a more vibrant communal way of living or life.

The more effective we learn to serve makes life easier for ourselves and others.

As we learn how to serve, we learn ways such as ‘tough love’. Which is to not make others dependent on others. The best way to describe this is to share the proverb “Teach a man to fish as opposed to giving him a fish.” This saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is an old Chinese proverb.

Therefore, we should be careful how and when we choose to serve as it affects others in significant ways we may not be aware of as we should.

The way we choose to serve others is the most precious resource. It is a blessing to others when we serve with love. It is really caring for others.

We can find ways to serve others. It can be writing a blog, articles, newsletters, booklets, books, songs, anything that can serve to inspire and empower others in meaningful ways.

People nowadays use social media interaction as a tool to do such a service. We can share with distant family members, old friends, school friends, classmates.

Services Define

The work we do every day to make a living is a service in itself. For we serve others by the work we do.

And giving in heartfelt ways is how we choose to serve in caring, loving ways. Life is much more worthwhile when we all serve one another in loving ways.

Sales person giving his service in selling computing devices to three customers.

We feel appreciated. We are inspired to continue sharing and serving, and thus there is a continuous flow of purposeful expression by all. There is considerable joy in serving.

The art of service involves the joy of serving. Whatever occupation, job, profession, work we do, service is the key to our business.

Service is built on our reputation for reliable, trustworthy service. It separates us from others if we give exceptional service. It is the hallmark of professionalism.

We can see that even in professional business, service is relevant, essential, and substantial.

As we grow and develop in age, as well as in the work that we offer to others, excelling in how we serve sets us apart. We become known for our ‘unique’ service to others.

We are more likely to be recommended by others for our excellent service. And that means more business for us and more material blessings in our lives that we can share with others.

Service is key to any business. Service is a key component in life. The art of service is how we develop our trade in life.

It is a necessary, intrinsic part and parcel of life itself, fundamental to life. Without developing the proper art of serving, we miss out on the best opportunities for life.

How can we develop the fine art of service? By listening to the proper values taught by our parents, guardians, teachers, and our community uncles and aunts.

By learning, applying these values until they become habits, will serve us for the betterment of life. Therefore, search out examples of others in society we can model to become distinct, extraordinary, notable, remarkable, and gifted in our undertakings.

We will be thankful for such an exercise. Our life will be merrier for having developed such a skill-set to serving others with such distinction.

Even if we feel we are in a backroom supplying useful information, or in a mailroom sorting the mail, or as a production worker assembling the different parts to a product, it is still a service.

A service one fulfills to his company, for the job one performs. Everything we do has a service provided for ourselves or others.

Employment in or performance of work for another. Work was done or duty performed for others.

We can see how important our work is by what we do that is used to serve others.

A parts assembly worker for a car manufacturer supplies reliable service in the form of transportation is one such example.

For your services are the things that you do or the skills that you have developed and you use in your job or business.

Business person providing his service in the neighborhood.

Others finding usefulness in what you offer are willing to pay you for your services. And which can become a specially referred service.

Personal service can be whenever we receive service in a restaurant, hotel, store, or shop.

When an employee asks us what we want and gives us what you have asked for or ordered, that is in essence service.

Service with love and care is applying the fine art of service. Serving with humility or humble service is serving in such a way that we attach importance to the task at hand and not on ourselves.

We put the accent on the person receiving our gift of service, not on the giver of the service. That is serving with humility – being a humble servant. Ultimately the reward is the giver of the service for his or her undivided, special service to the receiver.

So serving with care, love, joy, and humility is the art of service. It is the way of life and living.

It encompasses everything we do whether we see the value in it ourselves. It is intrinsic, inherent, integral. However, we choose to describe it.

So serve with dignity. Serve with gusto. Serve with enthusiasm. Serve with joy. Do someone a service. Be of service!

As long as we live, serving will be with us as our work, hobby, deeds, words. Thoughts that serve us. Be of service to others as best as we can. Help, assist others.

Develop the art of service and the art of service will serve us to the end.

We can serve God in mankind. We can give devotional service to our family, church, people in our community.

At your service, Kazim Abasali