The Brave Art Of Motherhood

Why do we call motherhood, the brave art of motherhood? Well, it takes a brave person to be a mother, isn’t it?

And motherhood does not work on a set of proven rules and principles. Each child is different and so is each mother.

Mother with her children. Holding one in her arms while standing.

Motherhood is more of a creative art. It is one of expression, emotion, imagination, and communication.

The whole experience a mother goes through right from having a life growing in her womb, birthing that child, taking care of a young life that is completely dependent on her, bringing up the child, letting the child go to lead an independent life, always praying for the child and hoping for the best, being available for the child whenever necessary, the list just goes on and on.

“Through the blur, I wondered if I was alone or if other parents felt the same way I did – that everything involving our children was painful in some way. The emotions, whether they were joy, sorrow, love or pride, were so deep and sharp that in the end they left you raw, exposed and yes, in pain. The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body and yet, each child represented just that – a parent’s heart bared, beating forever outside its chest.”
― Debra Ginsberg

The brave art of motherhood

What It Is To Be A Mother

What it is to be a mother? Motherhood can be many things to many mothers.

Cause mothers develop skills and empower themselves, having their own unique situations they face in life. It is based on many factors – their environment, their finances, their particular resources, and how they adapt to what they have to work with at every point in time of being a mother.

Being a mother means being responsible for another life. Right from the time that life starts within, the mother becomes responsible for the health, safety, and wellbeing of that life.

Being a mother for most women is to be a role model for her children. Through actions, words and deeds, a mother strives to lead by example.

There will definitely be moments when she falters, makes wrong decisions, and does the wrong things because she is human and she isn’t perfect. But even during those moments, a mother hopes that the child learns from her mistakes.

To be a mother is to wear so many hats at the same time. It is to be a nurturer, a caretaker, a chef, a teacher, a cheerleader, a fixer, a policewoman, a driver, a guide, the list keeps growing.

To be a mother is also about learning from a little child to live in the moment and to remind a grown-up child to live in the moment.

However, it is important to understand what being a mother is not about.

Being a mother is not about forgetting to live a life for one’s own self. It only leads to frustration and anger which in turn gets taken out on the children. Being a mother is not about completely neglecting one’s own health and peace of mind.

Taking time out for oneself, ensuring one’s dreams are not forgotten, and ensuring a progression in life is also an important part of being a mother.

Understanding that life is not about perfection, it is about giving one’s best. This is an important part of what it is to be a mother.

Being a mom is therefore a very important responsibility. Being a mom to a child can mean the world to that child.

the important responsibility of a mom

Meaning Of A Mother

Motherhood meaning or motherhood definition can be observed from the mouths of babes and children. How do we define mother! Because we were all once children.

Motherhood defined can be seen from how we have developed from the nurturing love of the sacred actions of motherhood

The most commonly used words to describe a mother include,

Amazing, Beautiful, Caring, Compassionate, Hardworking, Loving, Nurturing, Protective, Reliable, Strong, and Understanding.

That certainly is the meaning of a mother.

She is someone who brings a new life into the world, nurtures it, protects it and helps it fly when it is strong enough.

“Once a mother, always a mother”.

A mother can never stop being there for her children. No matter how old the children have grown, a mother is always a source of comfort and hope.

For many of us, home is synonymous with mom-cooked food and talking to her at length about every aspect of life.

The meaning of a mother is a person who will go to any extent to make sure her children lead a life that is better than the one she led.

Even at the cost of coming across as bossy, stubborn, pushy, aggressive or too hard to please.

It takes a mother to understand the meaning of a mother.

Mothers’ definition or mothers’ meaning can be derived from what we have become as grownups. Most of our traits and characteristics we possess can be credited to motherhood. We find meaning from having a mom!

That is mothers meaning !

Motherhood Synonyms

Mother synonyms can be

supermom, wonder woman, awesome mom, big mama, the mother superior, great mum, amazing mother, amazing mum, terrific mom, wonderful mom, great mom, soccer mom, good mother, the best mom in the whole world.

Motherhood Is A Walk In The Park

The Art of Empowerment of Children by Preschool – Early Childhood Education for Human Development

We have all seen mothers walk with their children in parks. Some with children in a pram, some with toddlers running around, some on bikes or roller skates. Some mothers pushing the swing or waiting by the slide, while others, running behind the children and playing with them. It portrays such a lovely image of motherhood, doesn’t it?

But is motherhood actually a walk in the park?

Is it all about happy moments spent with the children, playing, swinging, running and achieving?

Absolutely not!

If we take the example of a mother in a park, even in the preparation for going to a park, the mother has to take care of so many things.

Making sure she has carried everything that child might need in the park, ensuring the child is well fed before leaving home, making sure the park is child friendly and safe, the list is endless.

After getting back from the park, the mother is tirelessly working to ensure that the child’s needs are taken care of.

So, as someone put it humorously, motherhood could be called a walk in the park, just that the park is Jurassic Park.

No matter what age the child is off, a mother is tirelessly working to make the child’s life comfortable. No matter how far away the child lives, a mother never stops praying for and hoping that her child is living a comfortable and happy life.

Motherhood Is …

Motherhood is different for different people.

It is different at various phases of motherhood.

How can anyone forgive and love someone who has caused so much physical pain in childbirth? That is something only a mother can do. She falls in eternal love with the child the moment she births the child.

Motherhood is wanting to hold your child tight and never let go.

It is also, wanting to see your child fly and reach the heights he or she truly deserves.

Motherhood is wanting to be the hero for your child. It is also admiring your child as your own hero.

Motherhood is reading out stories for your child over and over again. It is also listening to the endless stories narrated by your child.

Motherhood is waiting for your child to grow into a mature adult. It is also missing those snuggles and babbles.

Motherhood is taking pride in what your child has become. It is also about pushing your child to do even better.

Motherhood is a fusion of conflicting emotions. It swings from an on-top-of-the-world feeling to a down-in-the-dumps feeling.

Hence motherhood is a continuous act of finding a balance between the two extremes.

It is about believing in – doing your best and then, hoping for the best.

Motherhood is a continuous state of becoming. It is a state of work-in-progress forever.

Motherhood is about empowerment. Empowering children and empowering oneself throughout this journey of life. Whether it is about empowerment, inspiration, or motivation, it is a helpful resource whenever one feels the need for such.

mother empowering her children

Motherhood Understood

A mother’s life goes through different stages. Each stage involves a gamut of physical and emotional changes.

Right from looking forward to the arrival of the child, dealing with the newborn’s requirements, running behind the toddler, understanding the tween and then the teenager, and then leading the life of an empty nester. Each of these phases poses its own challenges.

Postpartum depression to empty nest syndrome, understanding motherhood is about understanding and supporting a mother through all these phases that a mother goes through.

Everything from becoming a mother for the first time, to coming to terms with having to live in a house without children is a part of understanding motherhood.

There are various forums and support groups that help mothers deal with the challenges faced by them. It is important for a mother to understand that she is not alone in this challenging journey.

The complexity of emotions that she faces, the constant judgment that she passes on herself, the perpetual demands of motherhood, the nagging feeling of having let down, the vulnerability and fears that she has to deal with, are all normal and universal for mothers.

It is a good idea for mothers at all stages of motherhood to be a part of support groups in order to share what they have learned and to get motivation from others who share their experiences.

Motherhood Questions

the brave art of Motherhood

Every mother constantly seeks answers to a lot of questions.

These questions start from the time she realizes she is pregnant until she is mentally capable of asking questions.

Since there is no way to measure the success of a well-executed job of motherhood, the questions will continue to be asked.

Though there are a lot of questions that a mother asks during motherhood, the most common one remains to be – Am I Doing It Right? Am I Being A Good Mother?

Though this question can be framed in different ways, like Am I Doing Enough, Am I Capable Enough, etc.

What a mother really wants to know is if she is doing the right thing at the right time.

In addition to this, throughout her journey, she keeps dealing with questions like:
How much is too much?
How less is too less?
When should I let go?
Where should I draw a line?
When am I supposed to be a mother?
When should I act more like a friend?
What should I expect in return?

While some may find answers to some of these questions, others will remain unanswered and that is perfectly fine.

Motherhood is not a game of questions and answers.

It is about finding happiness and joy in little moments and treasuring them forever.

Spring planting Krokvägen and Toppstigen, Nynäshamn, Sweden photo

The Art Of Motherhood

The art of motherhood, or better yet – the brave art of motherhood, is an art of empowerment. Empowering young souls in the art of living.

The art of motherhood is about being in a happy place while parenting. And it is also about accepting the mistakes and forgiving oneself for the learning process of motherhood. It is about raising good human beings.

It is important to learn to grab moments of joy while living through the challenges of motherhood. Because as the child grows, so too the mother should delight and celebrate the phases of her child’s development with every passing day.

There is no rewind button, and what is at this moment, is all that we have. Knowing that every dark cloud will pass, and so too every sunny day will also.

Motherhood is like bearing a tapestry of emotions, that wish the best for her child, no matter the surroundings and circumstances.

The brave art of motherhood is the art and at the heart of nurturing life.

Contributors: Kazim Abasali and Deepa Kadavakat