The Power Of Faith, Faith Empowerment

As human beings, we have come a very long way from living in caves and hunting for food to being able to perform a whole lot of tasks at the mere click of a button. It has not been an easy journey for mankind. The power of faith in God, not in ourselves is faith empowerment.

Many people have made sacrifices and an even higher number of people have endured extreme hardships to reach where we are today.

The Power Of Faith, Faith Empowerment

During the hardest of times, people have marched forward entrusting their faith in something or someone much more powerful than themself. During the toughest of battles, people have drawn power from a source of which they felt the enchanting presence.

  • Faith takes away fear. It replaces fear with the courage that springs from the knowledge of being guarded and protected.
  • Faith cancels fear and transforms it into courage. That is the power of faith or faith empowerment.
  • The power of faith has helped a lame man walk and a blind man see.
  • The power of faith has moved the mountains and split the sea for many people.
  • Faith has been the light in the darkness and the calm in the storms.

The power that is experienced by a person with faith cannot be put in words. It is something that is felt from deep within. The surety that everything is going to be alright is such an empowering space in which to be.

As children, we felt the safest at home with our parents. That feeling of safety empowered us during our childhood.

We knew home is where we could come back whenever there was a problem. We knew, no matter what, our parents would take care of us and protect us.

As we grow older, that feeling of home slowly fades away for most children. But, with the power of faith, that sense of belonging and faith in a loving home returns.

Coming to faith feels like coming home. As adults, faith empowerment becomes key to helping us get through the journey of life.

What Is Faith? What Is Faith In God?

Faith in God is like having access to all His resources and being able to surrender completely to Him. Faith is being able to completely trust Him and rely on Him under all circumstances.

In good times and in bad, having an unquestionable belief that it is not only us working towards saving us, there is also a superior, all-pervasive, and all-knowing entity who is interested in our well-being.

Faith in God is a deep conviction of His existence and His presence with us. It makes God a tangible reality for a person’s sense perceptions. Faith itself becomes the evidence for the things that are not yet visible. It draws us into a close and beautiful relationship with God. A relationship like none other.

Faith is the link between God and the common man. It saves us from doing actions of sin, of falling, and from causing disaster.

It brings us into a life of joy, fulfillment, assurance, and trust. That trust in God, the trust that He will take care of everything that concerns us, is something that every individual yearns for from within.

Optimism about the future cannot be called faith in God. Optimism is just hopefulness or confidence about the future.

Faith is a deep understanding that you are taken care of. Whatever happens, it is the knowledge that there is someone who is watching out for you. That kind of faith in God is achieved only by trust in Him, His words, and by considering Him as a parent. The possibility of leading a wonderful life increases by having faith in God.

Definition Of Faith, What Is The Meaning Of Faith?

Faith can be defined as confidence or complete trust in a person or thing or concept. In religious contexts, faith is the belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion. Faith is a belief, assurance, firm persuasion, and conviction.

It is the confidence that what we hope for is what we will get and God is working towards it even if we cannot see it right now.

Faith is also the belief in the Divine’s existence, wisdom, love, power, and grace. It is the constant alertness arising from love and awareness of the existence of a powerful God.

True faith does not depend on proof or reason, but the belief in something to be true. Therefore true faith is self-existing. It is in fact sustained by intuition or belief, and not by external proof.

The feeling of hopelessness and despair is replaced by faith. Though faith leads to empowerment, it is not a power that we possess in order to create our own future.

Faith is an ability to trust the future that God has promised us. Faith is about leaving the future in God’s hand, trusting in Him. Eternal faith is an ultimate blessing from God.

The meaning of faith is about making a practical commitment to trusting in God. Faith also means to have something in our hearts before we actually have it in our life.

Having Faith

  • Having faith takes away doubt or skepticism. It is trusting the creator and that He knows what is best.
  • Having faith gives us the power to do extraordinary things. When we don’t know how things will work out in the future, unless we have faith in the plans of the creator, we cannot move forward.
  • Having faith tells us that- what God started, He is going to finish. By actively reaching out and releasing faith, miracles happen. The power of faith can manifest as miracles. When everyone else wonders how or why certain things happened, a person with faith knows that his faith in God manifested as that miracle.
  • Having faith helps us fight through challenges. Sometimes the challenges that we have to fight through make us more determined. Faith makes sure that the rejections we face in life don’t stop us from moving forward.
  • Having faith replaces the feeling of doubt, fear, and non-acceptance. When confronted with circumstances that instill these feelings, faith can help us sail through.
  • Having faith fills us with the feeling of gratitude and humility. The belief that we are being cared for and that the power that is caring for us is so much bigger than we make us humble and thankful.
  • Having faith can initiate a healing process and be the catalyst for God to do amazing things for us and through us. It gives the expectancy and anticipation that something great can happen. That anticipation is very powerful, and that is where the change begins to happen.

Faith comes through clarity. The ability of the mind to see clearly gives us the energy and strength to do much more than what we limit ourselves to do.

What Can Faith Do

Through prayer and dedication, we are able to instill faith in us.

Instead of complaining about the way things are, and thinking why it happened to us, with faith, we are able to move forward knowing that we are not alone and that we are guarded at all times.

It gives us a reason to move forward. The knowledge and the belief that faith can heal can turn things around.

Though God is always with us, it is faith that ensures that we get His attention. The attention that in turn brings about the change that we want in our life. The attention required to bring about abundance, peace, and love.

Faith can help us stay encouraged even when we do not know what the future holds. Faith builds hope and hope carries us through the toughest of times. Rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, our losses, and our disappointments, we learn to hope for a better tomorrow and a better life. Rather than staying vindicated and angry for what happened, we learn to move ahead.

Faith helps us work towards our destiny. We believe that we are here for a purpose and by service and with good intentions, we are able to live that purpose and reach that destiny.

For a lot of people, this service mentality leads them to take up working for their communities. Thereby they can then proceed to empower those in their community who need help, and supporting those who cannot support themselves.

Faith makes us God’s representatives on earth. We live our life as per the directions given by Him and walk the course of life with faith. It takes away the frustrations and helps us stay in the peace of God. That peace of God is felt within.

The easiest way to enjoy our life is to trust in God. To know that His plans are always better than ours is the best way to lead a life of faith.

It takes away the worry from our life. Worry about how we can get through life and do whatever is expected of us, is taken away by faith.

We know we can do whatever we want to do through the power of God within us that further comes from the faith of His existence, His power, and His love for each one of us.

Contributors: Kazim Abasali & Deepa Kadavakat