What Inspires You? What Inspires Me?

So What Inspires You? And What Inspires Me?

What inspires you? And what inspires me? Really what makes us tick? And what makes you want to get up in the morning and seize the day? Also, what inspires you to work? And as you create your masterpiece or work of art, what inspires you at work?

When you discover your dreams

Mastering the art of living involves the art of empowerment. So let us empower one another in our quest to realize our dreams.

Our Dreams, Desires And Mission In Life, Is What Inspires You And Me

What is your burning desire? A dream of yours that keeps you up at night thinking of how you will make it a reality.

Really and truly, what inspires you to go to work every day? And overall, what inspires you in life?

More precisely, what inspires you most and why? These are meaningful questions. They are crucial to our reasoning and have far-reaching implications. They play a significant and relevant determining factor in each of our lives. What we aspire to become is rewarding in itself. However, our reasons that we press forward with our grand designs can be the difference between success or failure in life.

If we are not inspired enough we can lose faith and not attain our objectives. We will miss the mark altogether. Hitting the target takes commitment and perseverance. For that to happen, we must have a conquering spirit. And the many forms of your inspirations – like what inspires you most and why, will be the colossal reasoning to your aspirations’ eventual attainment.

Dreams do come true. However, we need to plan. As the saying goes – make your dream into a goal and lay out a workable plan. A plan that you can organize into smaller achievable goals. Each a stepping stone to the final grandmaster’s purpose.

Plans are accomplished if we can create what we desire into realistic objectives. Our intentions fuel our inspiration to get to work if we are fired up by our mission in life. There is so much energy attached just thinking of our cherished life designs.

So, our dreams, desires, mission in life, is what inspires you and me.

Now, that we have an overall plan for our life, what inspires us on a daily basis?

Adding Value To Other People’s Lives Is Another Form Of Inspiration

Adding value to other people’s lives is another heartening mode of inspiration. To create a service or product that adds massive value to humanity would surely inspire anyone of us. And so too is to be of service. This ties in with benefiting people’s lives by means of business development of products and services.

Music Is An Exhilarating, Inspiring Force In My Life

Music is a tremendous and inspiring driving impetus in my life. There are songs with compelling, stirring, moving lyrics that cause me to want to ascend the heights, whatever I deem that to be. It excites me enormously, spurring me into activity.

There is orchestral music from the masters that also stimulate me into action. This type of music is enlivening. Other instrumental music propels me into action also. Music is such an inspiring compulsion. It gets us in the spirit to work with gladness and elation.

Athletic Feats Inspire Me Greatly

‘Impossible’ animating feats by athletes are exciting to watch. They stir me on, give me a kick to my consciousness, of what can be achieved with gung-ho mentality – take no prisoners attitude. Many times these extreme sporting athletes risk life and limb for the impossible quest of defying all the odds to accomplish a much sought-after perilous stunt. They toy with danger and become adept at performing these maneuvers. It is indeed inspiring to witness them in motion.

Those adventurers are mountaineers in spirit, climbing their personal Mount Everest, even the actual peak itself. It says so much about their tenacity, their overriding will to conquer new heights, to discover the uncharted. We will do well to take a page from their books at times so we too can become like them in some ways, even if to realize our dreams too.

Life is only worth living if we are really alive and living out our dreams.

Real-life Documentaries Inspire

Documentaries of people who have realized great accomplishments by their life’s work inspire me exceedingly. And any handicaps have no bearing on their ultimate mastery of life. We can provide the names of such individuals. Helen Keller comes to mind. With her deafness and blindness, she learned and studied gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree. She became an author and lecturer, traveling extensively.

What about Anne Frank who faced life with so much courage as a young girl and wrote in her diary about her trials. And even though she did not survive her ordeal eventually, at least her forthright, grim courage helps to inspire us to achieve something in our lives.

Our Blessings Are A Source Of Inspiration

We have so much going in our favor. We can take an inventory of our blessings right now to see how incredibly fortunate we are. See what we possess, with our sound mind, spirit, and body.

Let us not take life for granted. All of these pluses in our lives are things that can inspire us. We can look at those who have accomplished much with all their handicaps, and unpleasant situations to deal with, in different areas of their lives.

So, documentaries of these souls who have survived disasters, made their lives an inspiration for others through their determination and thirst for a better life.

Our Impediments Can Be An Inspiration

Our impediments can be an inspiration if we desire to become masters of our circumstances and not let our present obstacles dictate or rule our lives. We must somehow find a way to not only survive but live life triumphantly. We can turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones. That is how we live an inspired life.

Our Conquering Mindset Inspires Incredibly

That brings us to our outlook on life. Develop a proper frame of mind. Have a mindset of a conqueror. March into battle with the armor of unrelenting faith. And fight the opponents in our minds, the dragons and demons we have created in our thinking, our laughable fears that run us ragged. We should all be great storytellers by our manufactured fears we live within our minds each day. So vanquish our imaginary foes and surmount our desired pinnacles.

Movies, Shows, Events Inspires And Raise My Spirits

Even movies with uplifting storylines inspire me. Humor can add fun as it is intended to do in our lives. And watching funny shows can make life more refreshing and animating for us.

Exciting events and performances do add a flash of inspiration to our lives too. What about going to live shows, parades, fairs, spectacles, or expositions? Apart from learning, being entertained can be inspiring based on the acts and performances. One can feel rejuvenated from creating a balance in one’s life by going out, away from our working environment. We gain fresher perspectives in our work.

Life seems so much more gratifying and invigorating. One is renewed in body, mind, and spirit. That is an inspiration too. To find the zeal for living in any way we can muster. I love being with friends and family at social gatherings. And finding out the shows, dances, functions, and events we can attend with friends and family to put a spark in our lives, once we do not overdo things and take away from our intended goals.

So, having a blast and lots of laughs just for the heck of it is so freeing. We feel bolts of energy coursing through our bodily systems. What greater injection of inspiration is needed when we feel exhilarated by just enjoying life as it is meant to be. As the saying goes, “life is short” so enjoy every moment of life while we can. Today will not come again. The important thing is to make sure we produce our work also, in order to have a fulfilling and enriching life altogether.

The Great Outdoors Inspires Mightily

I love the great outdoors. I love walking in the countryside. When we make exercise fun, delightful, and enjoyable, by playing sports with buddies, that can be entertaining and amusing too. Not being an athlete can be discouraging to some, while others see it as a way to get in shape with gleefulness in the process. Having pleasure while working out is gratifying and satisfying if we integrate elements of dancing music in our workouts. This all generates inspiration, and reinvigorate and rejuvenates us.

Visiting other Lands and Cultures Is Inspiring

What about visiting other lands and cultures? We get inspiration from others when we see, feel and touch other people’s lives, and we are touched too by their good nature, hospitality, and sentiments. We are part of humanity as we break bread and share with our brothers and sisters physically anywhere in the world. We bond closer together, see that we are inherently the same with the same joys, fears, and emotions alike wherever in the globe we travel.

The feeling we are more alike is what inspires me and I believe what inspires you basically. We realize we are all on this journey of life with aspirations to succeed and enjoy the fruits of our labor, each and every day we are privilege to enjoy life here on earth. So, let us make the most of this opportunity of life we have been given by our Creator. It is a blessing. More so, if we realize our lives are blessed by being a blessing to others in all we do. Our products and services are meant to make a life for others much more easier and comfortable.

We are here to serve one another. We inspire one another in countless ways. That is the essence of life. It boils down to this plain and simple. We need one another. We cannot do it all. The products and services we each share with one another on a daily basis are necessary. Just think of it. What would you and I be without some friends and family, and coworkers in our lives. We are all a support system to one another. Therefore, let us remember this each day of our lives. And cherish those around us while we still have them with us in flesh on earth. Any recollection of memories will be that more heartwarming. The gratitude we feel for those who support and embrace us will be that more monumental.

Being In The Flow Is Inspiration

Inspiration can come by being in the flow of things. Other expressions are being in the zone. As a matter of fact, inspiration is flow. It is when you are I are super inspired, we feel exhilarated. Time flies by with focus and concentration at a zenith, and creativity and productivity at unbelievable heights. We are in a blissful state.

Athletes have spoken about this euphoric and incredible mood. It is a fix, a natural high that transcends normal performance. This occurrence can be magical to get an enormous amount attained. So, in this inspired state, you and I bring about and reach levels of capabilities with feats of surging energies. The likes of which we know not where it emanates. But we are the better off for having been in inspired states like these. It is a welcoming act, as we master the art of living during these burst of inspiring spells.

Other explanations for inspired states, flow, zone, are undergoing a period of ecstasy, as we feel connected to something larger. It is the absence of anxiety and stress, akin to a runners’ high. We feel elated, exhilarated, and relaxed all in one.

Leaders, Past and Present Inspire Us

History is resplendent with inspiring leaders from our past and present. We can be inspired as men and inspired as women. Search through history and find any of those human beings like us who applied their faith and surmounted countless obstacles to conquer eventually. Their reward was not for self only. It was to make life better for mankind.

How fortunate we are to have at our disposal inspirational leaders we can research about at a moment’s notice with our present technology.

And apply their resolutions to our issues. Or at least be empowered and motivated. To have the courage to respond to life’s situations with renewed faith, and with hope.

Yes, leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, and Oprah Winfrey.

Just the mention of their names evokes courage anew. Becoming acquainted with their life stories, again and again, gives us a refreshing and inspiring path to follow.

Networking And Special Interest Groups Inspire Us

There is a reassuring feeling being with others like myself who support my goals and aspirations. Being inspired by like-minded individuals is a great asset. Networking groups and special interest groups are other forms of inspiration to keep me on track with my intentions and plans in life.

Life is much more pleasurable with an enormous amount of people we can depend on in our lives, in whatever we are seeking to do. There are great benefits from having those people around us all the time. Our compatible circle of friends and networking groups is a surefire method to accomplish a tremendous lot in the least time possible. There is harmony and unity when minds are in agreement about similar stuff.

There is more enthusiasm among all involved. Brainstorming is a joy, where everyone is animated about what is being envisioned. It does not matter whose brainchild idea it is, as creativity flows from all gathered around together. That is what inspiration in a group can achieve.

Sources of Reading Material Provide Inspiration

Reading books can derive huge inspiration. Writers share their passions in their books about what works and what does not. There is immense profit from this ready-made vast storehouse of knowledge and wisdom, with the gigantic amount of information contained within libraries with volumes of encyclopedias and other reading material. If you and I need inspiration, there is ample data and instruction available.

With the advent of the internet and computing devices, inspiration is within reach at a moment’s notice. So, use our computing devices for our welfare. Commuting to physical edifices is no more necessary. With our smartphones and tablets, we can reach our virtual sites by means of search engines. And boy oh boy, like magic, the digital genie gives you million of wishes or search results by just searching for any keyword.

The internet provides us so many varied elements of information and data to choose from at any point in time. It can be quite overwhelming to make an informed decision if one is not focused or has done enough research to reach any right conclusion.

Quotes And Saying Are Truly Inspirational

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is found in quotes. Inspiring quotes about, love, happiness, success, influence, life, and even writing have an igniting effect upon me. I feel their words of wisdom contained in the quotes move me into action to accomplish my goals, dreams, and desires. These writers share their knowledge with us so we can learn from the benefit of their experiences. No need for us to reinvent the wheel. Just take their advice, the lessons learned from their mistakes, apply their teachings and instructions, and save much-needed time and heartache. As we study and practice their coaching, we grow and develop into better practitioners in our own particular fields or occupations, whatever the case may be. Their free schooling or tutoring are our assignments to improve our lot.

Inspiring quotes can be found on almost any subject. And they work like affirmations to repeat over and over again until they permeate our subconscious and become habits to steer us in the right direction. It is a road map or blueprint that fashions our mindset. Our frame of mind is structured to cope with our adversities. We are molded to face our challenges, not with defeat, but with invincibility and victory in mind. As all-conquering winners.

Praying Is A Tremendous Source Of Inspiration

Prayer is a great source of inspiration. Reading from sacred texts, the words inspire us if we are strong in our belief in our respective faiths. For me, as a last resource, if all else fails, praying can be assuring and illumining. One can receive answers to prayers as the word can also inspire us to take the right action.

However, with me personally, praying is a constant, perpetual resource in my life always.

Using Our Imagination Can Be Immensely Inspirational

Imagination is a wonderful resource. When we imagine, we create with our minds. If we add feelings to our images we create worlds within. We can conceptualize, envisage and depict what we wish to produce in our reality ultimately.

Just as when we fantasize about the fearful thoughts that keep us from realizing our ambitions, our imagination can be used to conjure up schemes to powerfully aid us. Herein lies the ‘secret’ of manifestation. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Whatever we can envision in our mind’s eye, we can hold the visualization of it those spark ideas to bring it into fruition.

All Of These Resources Spark Igniting Inspiration

What inspires you, and what inspires me, is all of these resources that spark igniting inspirations of our lives.

What inspires you is about the same as what inspires me. We all share the same basic wants and express the same fundamental emotions. We humans with blood in our veins, embody the same anatomies, and our minds yearn for the essential comforts of life that are necessary and vital to our survival. We differ in the degree of our wants and desires. We agree on most things, we can disagree as is our right, but by and large, we can resolve our differences through common collaboration.

And our inspiration binds us in varying degrees. That is what makes us stand apart as unique beings. Adding a spectrum of color to our rainbow of life. Each of us adds to the rich tapestry of living. We make life, our cultures a kaleidoscope of wonderful customs and rituals. Life is more interesting and not boring, for we possess a contrasting theme that adds distinctive diversity to the harmony of living and working together.

There is an immerse sense of satisfaction each day we live life to the fullest.

“Let my inspiration flow, in token lines suggesting rhythm, that will not forsake me, till my tale is told and done.” Robert Hunter