What Motivates You?

What are the motivation factors in your life? What motivates you? What motivates you most? What drives you forward? By answering this important question, you can at any time move forward to begin things, create and even continue and complete projects. So what motivates you the most?

One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own. John O'Donohue

And then make a list of the motivating factors in your life. What gets you motivated to do things? What motivates you to work? That will depend on what it is you want accomplished. Are you a writer? Are you an artist, a chef, an entrepreneur, an architect, a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, a social worker, a taxi driver, a farmer, a builder, a mom at home, retired, a child, a student, a lover of this life? What motivates you at work? And what motivates you in work?

our activities such as when we create

At different times, depending on the activity we set out to do, we will need different things to motivates us.

First of all, What is the Meaning of Motivation?

To provide someone with an incentive or motive to do or begin something.

Lead, persuade, help induce, spur on, bring about, inspire, spark, sway, trigger, influence, or stimulate someone’s interest in, for doing something.

Motivated synonyms consist of – inclined, determined, diligent, venturous, spirited, eager, impassioned, keen, aspiring.

My List of Motivating Factors

  • Music
  • Affirmations
  • Reading Books, Websites/Blogs
  • Walking
  • Nature
  • The Changing Seasons
  • Sharing
  • Reaching Out to Family and Friends
  • Quotes or Quotations, Phrases, Sayings, Idioms, Poems, Song Lyrics
  • Humor
  • Dancing to much-loved Songs
  • Giving Back to Community
  • The Good News
  • Funny News
  • Creativity
  • Researching More Motivating Factors
  • Psychological Motivational Tools
  • Food, Cooking, Energy
  • Watching Motivating Movies, Documentaries, And Videos
  • Yoga and Meditation, Deep Breathing
  • Prayer

Music – My Motivating Factor

For me personally, music is the greatest motivating factor in my life. When I am concentrating on my writing articles for my blogs or if I am writing an ebook, the kind of music I prefer to listen to, is instrumental and orchestral music. Music with no words being sung. Because the kind of music with song lyrics being sung distract my trend of thought.

So good, light, soothing music with lots of orchestra backing is my ideal motivating factor for my writing chores.

I also use this same kind of music for light movement between my writing periods. Because I write sitting at my computer. And intermittent periods are a must as often as I can to break the monotony, get the body active for a while while standing. I do light calisthenics. Bending the body as to get my back, my hand and my feet some much needed circulation.

So some more dancing music at this time helps me get back in rhythm, renewed energy. Also, while doing this mild exercise workout, more ideas come to me. And when I do sit back down to write, I incorporate these ideas into my articles.

So whenever I am writing, exercise breaks are an integral part of my writing procedure.

Affirmations As A Motivating Factor

“Sharing Awareness of a Universal Eco-Civilization Consciousness, for We are United Together by the Life Force of Our Earth Home We All Depend On for Sustainability”. Kazim Abasali

Another motivating factor in my life is with the use of affirmations. I can use affirmation while I sleep. I can awake and go right back to sleep by repeating a single affirmation. I use different affirmations for healing so I have a healthy mindset. That is just one form of affirmation I use.

I also use affirmations for my overall mindset to remain positive. And to have an abundance mental attitude. And I have different affirmations for different things I want incorporated into my life, or to strengthen my mental outlook which ultimately manifest in my physical world or reality.

Books, Online Sites, As A Motivating Factor

And another motivating factor in my life is books. Books motivate me tremendously. Not just motivational titles, but books about things that fascinates me, or interest me greatly. Books that I research to learn more in the subjects and fields I become more knowledgeable in, as I continue my journey in life.

Whether it is health, the future, the internet of things, space exploration, places of interest around the world, I use books and websites to acquaint myself with the latest information. This way I keep up to date in our fast changing world of technology.

Walking As A Motivating Factor

The Art of Empowerment of Students by Sports Coaches

A pleasant and benefiting past-time in my life that I love to do is walk. Walk around my country side. Enjoy the sights and sounds. I take my camera with me and document my daily walking experience with photos of things that intrigue me. I then use my photos to create my art that I share my others in the hope that it too will motivate, inspire and empower others.

Nature As A Motivating Factor

Bible Verse of Thankfulness

Being in nature is so refreshing. The body is the temple of the mind and spirit. The goal is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, for each affects the optimal use of the others. And nature awakens the senses. Listening to the sounds of birds on my strolls, or enjoying the sound of the waves on the sea shores around my island walk makes me want to create, sing and dance. Such is what nature walks do to me. It motivates me considerably!

The Changing Seasons As A Motivating Factor

Youth at risk

What about the changing seasons? The vast changing of colors of leaves and the tree foliage in autumn or ‘fall’ is a wonder to behold, such as the climate in my ‘neck of the woods’ that is host to four seasons. Every season brings with it, it’s own special beauty. Life is much more enjoyable with changes. Change is inevitable in life. So enjoy change in its many varied forms in life here on planet earth. You never get used to it, it makes life a cycle of ongoing events to behold, and to wonder at the magnificence of nature all around us. We are so blessed.

Sharing As A Motivating Factor

The sharing of my art is my gift

Sharing my experiences as a way of benefiting or profiting others, is what I love to do. For I have created my life’s work in the form of my website and blog – “Empower with Art”. I derive great pleasure from this labor of love I do. And it is because I like to support others in this journey of life we are all traveling on together. We may not be going in the same direction, but traveling we are. So why not make the journey as pleasant and enjoyable as ever.

There are rich rewards in giving. The inward feeling is incalculable. One feels one is making a difference in other peoples’ lives.

The Motivating Factor of Reaching out to Family and Friends

Four friends holding a very big "Empower with Art" Creation

What other motivating factors resonates with me? I mentioned ‘sharing my experiences as a means of giving to others’ as another motivating factor in my life.

Reaching out to family and friends is a way to feel motivated. Knowing firsthand that my dear, beloved family and friends are being keep in contact with, is a reassuring feeling. That keeps my mind at pace so I can pursue my working projects. Also, some of my friends or family will need some motivation depending on what is going on their lives. And there are times in my very own life, I for sure, will need some motivation as well. Life is a roller-coaster of emotions. We sure must develop control over some of our emotions. As the saying goes, ‘moderation is the key to everything we do’.

Quotes or Quotations, Phrases, Sayings, Idioms, Poems, Song Lyrics

Happiness Comes When Your Work and Words Are of Benefit to Yourself and Others, Buddha

In addition, quotes or quotations, phrases, saying, idioms, poems and songs like music are wonderful motivating factors in my life.

We all are familiar with the many popular quotes that are shared around continuously that makes our lives meaningful. And there are hundreds if not thousand of quotes on and about motivation. So I use the motivational quotes that speaks to me personally. And I sure these quotes on motivation do the same for you in multiple ways.

Humor As A Motivating Factor

I like motivating quotes that makes me laugh. Humor creates joy which sure injects energy into my life. So find yourself some motivating quotes to stimulate your life too. They are found everywhere because we all use them. Here is a page where I put together motivating quotes. Find yours and get a kick out of life like I do. The trick is to read these quotes daily to motivate us to accomplish our goals and realize our dreams.

Dancing to much-loved Songs

There are times which are many when I absolutely lose myself in music and songs. This motivates me as I can take a much needed break from my work to enjoy life. I can reminisce listening to back-in-times songs, which I then share with friends and family online. And what I like and enjoy the most is, to dance with my wife while playing these romantic songs.

There is nothing more enriching than sharing good times with our dear loving family and close friends.

Dancing is a wonderful pastime. You derive great benefits from it. It is a form of physical exercise. It is also extremely enjoyable. You learn coordination, you develop and keep your balance. You keep in time and dance to the rhythm of the music. So much fun one can have by just dancing.

Giving Back to Community

The Importance of Empowering of Youths. Author: Kazim Abasali

As I shared before the idea of giving as a motivating factor in my life, there is way I do this as a means of supporting my communities. My hometown community as well as my past schools and colleges, I find ways to give back. As a web master with social media integration and as an informational technology consultant, I have created websites and social media groups to facilitate an online network. There we share our interest as past students while supporting our school and college in any way possible.

The Art of Empowerment of Children by Preschool – Early Childhood Education for Human Development

The Good News As A Motivating Factor

Because of recent health issues, I have had to alter my life in varied ways with diet and other areas of my life. One particular area that I have found to give me a renewed zest on life is to not read or watch news. The news that do not seem to have anything ‘good’. In any case, when I do visit my friends and family on social media, I do get my daily dose of the news whether I want to or not.

That is not to say I do not read or watch any news at all. For I do so online by keeping myself abreast of the latest technology breakthroughs that affect our world for the better. And there many sites that I am particularly fond of that feed me a tremendous amount of information.

Whatever happens in our world, I do take notice and if there is some way I can contribute in any way possible to help others around the globe, I do so as best as I can. So it is not that I do not care what happens. It is how I can make a meaningful contribution without getting my emotions too high that affects my health unduly.

Funny News As Another Motivating Factor

This is interesting to note for myself at least. The news that I wish not to watch, like politics, I watch the comedians make fun and jest with pun and other wordplay so I can tolerate the news to some degree but with laughter. As I shared before, my health can be unduly affected by certain news and I find tuning in this way a lot more comforting and bearable for my needs.

If my health is not optimal, then I cannot help others if I am not in proper physical shape to do so.

Creativity My Motivating Factor

My creativity is one of my most motivating factor that I use to make my life meaningful, not only for myself, but for countless others. I use my creative skills as an artist developing art creations that I then share in online galleries. Such art creations is a form of income for me also. It is the way I make a living. The art I create is art that motivates, inspires and empowers“Empower with Art” Creations.

With my art I derive great joy as a creative artist. We all love to do things in our lives. Some of us love cooking, dancing, singing, creating apps, writing code, researching some of life’s mysteries as scientists, entrepreneurs doing startups. The list is as long and varied as there are humans on this earth. So whatever is your fancy, your creative love, this is what you do in your life that makes you tick. As the saying goes ‘play on’. Your life is yours to enjoy as you want to anytime it pleases you to do so.

Researching More Motivating Factors

As I go along in life, I am researching ways myself for more motivating factors for my life. There is a saying ‘variety is the spice of life’. So it behooves me to find out about more motivating factors that spurs on life. This is an ongoing process. Some may be copied from others, to see if it works for me too.

Psychological Motivational Tools

There are many psychological tools that we can incorporate in our tool box to live life triumphantly. “Joie de vivre.” It can be learning something new, like a foreign language, or even a new computer language, visiting distant lands, playing a musical instrument. Besides music therapy, we can try out color therapy, burning incense and or candles, just to name a few. Different types of massages is another way to relax and nurture the body. The list is endless.

Food, Cooking, Energy

Food – energy food to stimulate action is another motivating factor in my life. Think about hunger. When one is hungry, there is no other choice but to get up and get food in our mouths. Hunger is a basic human instinct that needs to be satisfied immediately, like the animals who hunt for their food.

Cooking a new meal by following and altering recipes to suit one’s taste: That is a common one for me. We must all eat nutritious food that gives us much needed energy to perform our daily tasks in life. We can include soups, herbal teas, fresh fruits and vegetables, and juices, to spice up our lives.

Watching Motivating Movies, Documentaries And Videos

Watching funny romantic movies with my wife is another enjoyable and motivating factor in both of our lives. I like lighthearted movies, nothing too dramatic at this stage of my life. And, I also love to watch life-changing documentaries of others who have done great things to benefit humanity.

Videos that further educate, inform and motivate me, is a constant, if not daily ritual in my life.

Yoga and Meditation, Deep Breathing

Yoga as a form of exercise for the body and mind, motivates me in countless ways. Even while lying in bed I can do some light yoga stretches. In the early morning before I arise, as well as before I go to sleep, and even if I awake during the night, I can do certain types of yoga. I incorporate my yoga with breathing and mediation. This way I can use what suits me at the different times of the day and night.

Mediation can also take the form of carefully chosen meditation music that I listen to before sleep time. This way my mind is rejuvenated for my next day of tasks be it writing or creating my many artistic endeavors from which I can choose.

In the early morning, before arising, light yoga, mediation, affirmations is the order of my early day also. You too have your own daily routines that you follow to afford you a productive and rewarding day. I listen to mediation music with headphones to program and reprogram my mind, with the right mindset.

Prayer My Motivating Factor

'Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul' "Empower with Art" Creation

Prayer is my personal solace to keep me grounded and humble. Being grateful for life – saying gratitude affirmations constantly for all my blessings – past, present and forthcoming, is my way of thanking my Creator for this awesome, precious and sacred privilege to serve others in this life here now.

What Are Your Motivating Factors?

Find out the things that stimulate and interest you and see if there is any motivating factors in them that can spur you on your journey of life. We are unique beings. Different in so many ways. What will motivate me may not motivate you. So find the ones that do something to you. That can cause you to scale your mountains to make your life more meaningful.

The most important suggestion I can share with you is to find motivating factors that will be more effective and compelling in your life. Search until you find these motivating factors. Remember, to make life stay fresh, we may need to find new and more absorbing motivating factors for our lives on an ongoing process. Stay motivated and blessed. Our journey of life is enjoyable as we make it. So make yours so that each day is memorable.

Here are suggestions with more empowering words and inspirational quotes.