Women Inspiring Women

Women Inspiring Women

A book, a movie, or a story can inspire us. But, what inspires a person the most is perhaps another person.

Women inspiring women

We inspire others by our words and deeds. And women inspiring women in villages, towns, and communities the world over, have had an immense effect on our human society as a whole.

If a person has risen from circumstances similar, then, that person can inspire us the most.

Why? Because, we think, if he or she can, then, I can!

The similarity in circumstances, opportunities or lack of it, etc., give us reasons to believe if they can, we too can.

That belief plays a huge role in helping us achieve what we want.

When we talk about women inspiring women, it is important to understand the background and history of women and their achievements in the world.

From being considered as a weaker gender, those who had to be protected, and who in return served the protectors, to being just child bearers, whose opinions, likes, or dislikes did not matter, women have come a long long way.

When a handful of women in different parts of the world started voicing their opinions and started fighting for being treated as equals, they paved the path of progress for the entire tribe.

They probably did not themselves know the kind of impact their voices would have on the upliftment of women around the world and in the upliftment of the society itself.

When Joan Of Arc fought a battle at a time when women on a battlefield were unheard of, she inspired an entire generation of women in France.

When Oprah Winfrey became a billionaire by striking a chord through her heartfelt conversations, interviews, and shows, she inspired not only women of color from around the world, she told every little girl from all circumstances that she need not stop just because she was born a girl.

women inspiring women

When a mother successfully manages her family and her career, she inspires her daughters to do their best.

From Marie Curie to Marie Marvingt, from Margaret Thatcher to Florence Nightingale, and from Jane Austin to Sirimavo Bandaranaike, all of these women have left a mark in the world for other women to be inspired.

Their work in different fields have touched many people, especially women, from different walks of life.

The word inspire originates from the Latin word “inspirare” which means to breathe or blow into.

When a person inspires someone else to do something or be a particular way, they are breathing/blowing air of hope and ambitions into the other person.

Inspiring Women Today

Long ago, when Joan Of Arc fought the battle, the news traveled very slowly to different parts of the world. Many people would have heard about it only long after her passing.

Today, we live under very different circumstances. What happens in one part of the world impacts the whole world immediately. People have the information they need at their fingertips.

The advent of social media has had a huge impact on how each of us lives our lives. Today, we can have role models in every nook and corner of the world.

A stay-at-home mom blogger can inspire so many women like her, through her articles, to lead a more productive life.

A hobby specialist can inspire women from across the globe to hone their skills.

There is no dearth or absence of inspiring women in every field of life.

What is required today, is for women to make sure that when they rise and prosper, they take some more women along. Giving more opportunities for women like them wherever and whenever they can.

Today, a powerful woman’s job is not just to pave a path and inspire other women. It is to ensure she creates an atmosphere conducive for other women to follow suit.

While she is there, she has to work on issues that she faced getting there. So her successors can start from where she left, and don’t go through the same problems that she faced as a woman.

Women like Greta Thunberg – the new voice against climate change, Simone Biles – the record-breaking gymnast, Sheryl Sandberg – the CEO of Facebook, J. K. Rowling – the creator of the magical world of Harry Potter, have shown us that the success of women can be attained in any particular field of their choosing.

When we look at the huge following that some of the most inspiring women in the world today have, we definitely see more hope for women in the future.

They are not just inspirers, they are influencers.

They influence the way other women live, talk, eat and think.

These influencers can play a huge role in bringing up the necessary changes in the society.

Be it about leading a healthy lifestyle or better prioritizing her goals in life, these influencers can inspire their followers in myriad ways.

They can lead a revolution sitting right in their living room, thanks to the power of the internet.

Inspiring Women In Business

Women are known for their multitasking abilities. She has successfully administered her skills in various aspects of taking care of the home and the children.

From being the strict disciplinarian to her children when they have to be disciplined, to being the most caring person when they need care, women can slip into diverse roles with ease.

Working laboriously for the family as caregivers, women have always taken their roles seriously. She brings all these talents and qualities to the table when she joins the workforce or starts a venture.

Inspiring women who are changing the lives of women across the world, can be witnessed and demonstrate the varied fields in which women are running the shows successfully.

From creating an organization aimed at using technology to adding diversity to storybooks, women entrepreneurs have beautifully managed to interweave emotion and business ideas.

Strong Women Inspiration

When Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man in the bus, little did she know that it would act as the igniting spark for the American Civil Rights movement.

She did it because she strongly believed that she deserved that seat. The strength of that woman was her conviction that she was right.

From being objectified by coaches, commentators, and spectators, women in sports have fought many battles.

Women held onto leagues and competitions by the skin of their teeth and faced a lot of substandard facilities and closed doors.

American soccer player, Mia Hamm, says “ True champions aren’t always the ones that win, but those with most guts.”

A bright future in sports would be when “you run like a girl” would be no different from “you run like a boy”

Similarly in every field, the emphasis should be on giving your best shot and not setting standards based on one’s gender.

There are many women who have shown the world that they don’t need a knight to protect them, they just need a sword.

But until this message reaches every little girl in every part of the world, there is still work to be done.

We need more and more strong women inspirers and influencers from every nook and corner of the world to give that sword of strength and valor to every little girl.

Inspiring Women Every Day

It is good to have a plan and a roadmap. But, to get to where we want, we have to walk one step at a time.

“A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step.” Lao Tzu

“A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With  One Step.” Lao Tzu

If a woman can draw strength and positivity from the rising sun every day, there is no stopping her. The challenges that life throws at her become hurdles that she will jump across. When she knows she can, she will.

Influential women should speak of matters that are important for the society.

They should think of the overall development of society. Since the grassroots level of every society and family consists of women, it is important to speak directly to them in order to bring about changes in society.

When former US First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about the importance of healthy eating, started the “Let’s Move” initiative, or started “The Girls Opportunity Alliance”, a program of the Obama Foundation for ensuring girl child education, it made a huge impact on an entire generation of youth, especially girls.

When she told the young girls she met in schools with high dropout rates, that those girls and their future inspired her to keep doing what she does, she empowered those girls.

When she said “Possibility, Opportunity Intelligence – It doesn’t know a gender. It doesn’t know a race. It doesn’t know religion.”, she broke mental barriers that they thought existed.

Sisterhood is powerful. It can form a strong team.

If women function out of courage and with a sense of doing the right thing, they can always be there for each other.

It is important to have the right alliances to pull each other up and to keep pushing each other in the right direction.

That is what every woman needs. A pact of sisterhood where she inspires women around her, and from where she gets inspiration to become a better version of herself.

Women inspiring women – it is inspiring, it is empowering, it is the beautiful art of living!

Contributors: Deepa Kadavakat and Kazim Abasali